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You are only born once

….but more then once, you would rather be dead. With the coming of my 21st birthday, (adult shop here I come!!) it has got me musing about my life for the past 20 odd years.

As life is, it has its ups and downs. I’ve matured over the age, though I would say I still possess a naivety and a timeless childish side. Each horror and triumph ultimately makes me who I am. Given a choice to turn back time, I would politely refuse and ask for a book recommendation instead. So yes, another chapter of my life is about to unfold and I honestly cant wait to see what shit storms and bliss life can throw at me. If life wasn’t fucked up it wouldn’t be worth living now would it?

When life deals you a bad hand, you give it the finger.

So to those loyal readers (doubt I have many but what the heck) here is a wishlist for this greedy little bastard.

1) A laser printer would be nice

2) I wouldn’t mind a small HD TV

3) A XBox 360 or a PS3 would go nicely with a HD TV don’t you think?

4) Perhaps a Kinokuniya Voucher? 20 bucks ++?

5) Borderlands seems like a fun game



The Meaning of Death

Being brainy means people would often ask you some of the dumbest things and the most profoundly simple philosophical question. So there I was, sitting down reading Dante’s Inferno when my friend approached me and asked “What is that you are reading?”

“Read the title” I replied curtly.

“What is it about” Was the reply

So I described the premise of Dante’s Inferno and his journey through hell,purgatory and finally heaven.

“So it is about religion and life after death?”

“In some sense”

“Have you ever thought about the meaning of life?”

This finally caught my attention, and was replied with contemplative silence. Does life really need a meaning? Is it not already complicated enough?

Life, we can call it a measure of how a person has lived his or her life, but in the end, there is only death. The futility that is life, for no matter how powerful, how kind, how meaningful your life has been, you will still die. So in a way, the only way to life is to die. For death is the summation of all the tragedies and triumphs of an individual and perhaps, at that very moment you know you have lived a life. No matter how abruptly your lives are ended, it is at those moment that you have truly lived. To have struggled through the futility of life and to rest eternally in death.

Grim? Perhaps, but what are we compared to the cosmos that surrounds us. Our petty lives are but droplets in an endless sea. So maybe there is no meaning in life. Maybe one should ask. What is the meaning of death? And maybe just maybe, the meaning of death is to have lived. No matter how futile, meaningless it was, we existed in a time and we exist as cosmic dust. So live like a firefly, brief but oh so bright.


MMOs to look out for

Lego Universe

Global Agenda

Guild Wars 2

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Plans for 2010 and beyond…beyond…beyond…

So yes, an actual post about yours truly. OMG! I know!! Hush now multiple personalties. Back to the point, it is still relatively early in this most glorious 2010. 2 more years to the end of the world if the Mayans are to be believed. So this is a most apt time to think about what has transpassed through your miserable little insignificant lives.

Well for me, I am a most forward looking person. The past are but lessons to be learnt and experience to be gained. That is how you level up in this game of life by the way. So here is a little list of what I’m gonna do with my life and maybe it will help get you lazy gits off your arses and do something more constructive then reading this blog. (I’m just joking bout the ‘stop reading my blog’ part. View counts! Yea, I love them. But yes do be more constructive.)

*Drum Roll* Here comes the list

1 ) Finish up the v2.5 for my little Anima RPG supplement, Project Claymore (Deadline: March 2010)

2 ) Finish up me old Warhammer 40k ork army (Deadline: Hopefully before I die)

3 ) Continue working on my Generic Mecha Role Playing Game system (Deadline: 2013)

4 ) Continue working on my Generic Mecha Miniature Wargaming system (Deadline: 2013)

5 ) Learn G.E.C.K mod kit for Fallout 3 (Deadline: 2012)

6 ) Learn SCUMVM to finish up Heidi’s Hamster’s Hand (Deadline: 2012)

7 ) Start writing a sci-fi rendition of the Homer’s epic Lliad. (Deadline: 2011)

8 ) Start writing a draft for a ‘novel’. Tentatively titled “An Interview with Mister Nilhus” (Deadline: At the end of this year)

9 ) Get a tattoo of the Imperial Aquila on my back (Deadline: 2011)

10 ) Get a tattoo of the Chaos Undecided Undivided symbol on my upper right arm (Deadline: 2011)

11 ) Tone up my body so my tattoo would not look like shit (Deadline: June 2011)

Dances With Smurfs

So yes, I’ve finally manage to got to watch Avatar, not The Last Airbender mind you, but the James Cameron’s much touted Avatar.  Watched it in 3D no less.

If you have been living under a rock, which kinda applies more to me then anyone else, you may ask. How was the movie? Was it good? I would tap you on the shoulders and tell you. “Sonny boy… you gotta watch it to believe it”

Jokes aside, Avatar is a brilliant film and is definitely worth watching. It is one of the most visually stunning films in ages. From the lush viridian jungles of Pandora to the floating mountains, all of this were beautifully rendered and so very real.

The plot however wasn’t as spectacular the gunship with multiple 4- linked gatling guns and missile pods that would make a Robotech fanboy go into fits. As my friend said, “Avatar is kinda like Pocahontas in the future with xenophiles.” I can’t help but agree. The story was predictable, with your ‘evil’ Military Sergeant Major and your greedy corporate bastard cliques. Of course that is not to say that the plot wasn’t strong, it just wasn’t anything spectacular. After all, the plot is quite similar to a number of older movies, namely Dances With Wolves, a 1990 film about an American civil-war soldier who encountered the indigenous people of the untamed America and befriended them.

But despite that, Avatar is really a movie you should try to catch I guarantee it would take your breath away. And the designs for the creatures and vehicles is awesome.



What a beauty you are

Personified you are not

Pictures you are not

How perplexing

How confusing

Oh beauty what are you

Torment me so

Hurt me so

Your nature eludes me

For words you are not

For pen do you no justice

Nor are you an action

For the ballet makes you weep

You are not the voice

Even when nature sings you praise

Oh beauties real are you

Or just a dream

A dream for fools

Fools who claim to know you so

Accusing you to be all that is holy

All that is right

All that is good

Beauty you rouse me so

I burn for you

Yet never capture you

Oh beauty you make me feel

To tear with emotion

To seethe with rage

To laugh with joy

To make me human

Oh beauty what are you

Are you real or just a dream

A fleeting dream that comes and goes

Like ages old and new

Beauty where are you

Are you the soul that burns for thee?

I chase a dream

A dream for beauty

But you are a dream

You are not real

I searched for beauty for naught

For there is no real beauty

I am beauty

I am the thought

I am an idea

I am a dream.

Future of Table-Top gaming today!

With the advent of technology it is only a matter of time before most physical application would require a mere touch or a word to operate. As they say, the games industry is usually the first to adopt new technology. As if to prove this, a team by the name of SurfaceScapes, at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University has created a nifty program for the Microsoft Surface which allows players to play Table-Top RPGs on the Microsoft Surface touch screen. The team used Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition as a proof of concept for their project and boy was it impressive.

Imagine the possibilities, not just for RPGs but for boardgames and even miniature wargames as well. Of course with the advent of such entertainment technology, companies who specialize in miniatures and boardgame publishing might find themselves in a rather dire position if they are unable to adapt.

Anyway check this video out and be the judge.

Gaming 2010

It has officially been 1 week into year 2010 and it already looks like a promising year for gaming. Bioware seems to be on a roll this year with 2 highly acclaimed RPG sequels/expansions coming up. Of course that is not to say that Bioware is the only one churning out great games this year.

So here is look at what I and maybe you can look forwards to this year.

1.  Mass Effect 2 – ETA  January 26, 2010

2.  Bioshock 2 – ETA February 9, 2010

3.  Supreme Commander 2 -ETA March 2, 2010

4.  Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising – ETA March 11, 2010

5.  Dragon Age: Origins Awakening – ETA March 16, 2010

6.  Command & Conquer 4 – ETA March 16, 2010

7.  Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty – TBA

Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising

The much-anticipated expansion to the awesome Dawn Of War II will be making its real space translation in 12.03.M02010 Standard Terra Years.

The Dark Gods apologize for any delays due to the instability of the warp currents.

Chaos Rising will include a new playable Chaos faction and a Chaos Sorcerer in the Last Stand mode. Not only that, a Librarian (Space Marine Psyker)  will be joining the ranks of the Blood Ravens in this battle against the cursed Archenemy. Each of the original races in DoW II will also be getting new units and presumably new heroes as well.

The single player campaign will be a continuation from where we last left off in DoW II. This time, taking place on the planet Aurelia which has recently been released from an age old warp storm. But what is different this time for the single player campaign is the introduction of the Corruption system.

Corruption is gained by doing unwholesome things that gives you short-term benefits but has long-term repercussions. So as you characters (which you can port over from the original DoW II) gain corruption, they gain new funky abilities and wargear. Sure they are powerful but would usually result in further Corruption. How insidious of you Chaos!

And your corruption actually affects the ending of your game! Cap’n plot twist over yonder! So yes, Chaos Rising is looking like a mighty fine game to get this march. Before I sign off, here is a little sneak peek at the new units rumored to be on Chaos Rising and some videos of Chaos Rising.



  • Chaos Lord – A powerful melee commander unit, presumably a leader unit in multiplayer. The Chaos Lord can be equipped with Terminator Armor.
  • Chaos Sorcerer – A commander with many dark and Chaotic psychic & sorcerous powers. Presumably a leader unit in multiplayer. CONFIRMED last stand unit hero.
  • Chaos Cultists – weak ranged units of Chaos worshipers,  used as fodders and human sacrifices to summon daemonic units.
  • Chaos Space Marines – Tough all round units, the basic infantry of the Chaos faction. Can equip different weapons.
  • Chaos Dreadnought – a large walker able to kill in melee or at a distance, similar to the Space Marine Dreadnought. Can equip multiple heavy weapons.
  • Bloodletter daemons – powerful daemonic melee units devoted to Khorne, the God of rage, conflict and bloodshed. They wield Hell Blades as power weapons.
  • Bloodcrushers – Bloodletters riding Juggernaut daemons which resemble rhinoceroses.
  • Plague Marines – Chaos Space Marines devoted to Nurgle, the God of despair, entropy and pestilence. Likely very resistant to enemy attacks.
  • Chaos Predator – Similar to Predator of Space Marine but with Chaos influence inside them.
  • Great Unclean One – Massive demon of Nurgle the Plague Father, he fights with a kindly attitude until the enemy interferes with his masters plans.

Space Marine

  • Librarian – a unit with powerful psychic powers. A new character in the campaign called Jonah The Librarian.
  • Predator – a tank equipped with lascannons and has several other upgrades including an assault cannon barrage and smoke launchers.


  • Genestealers – powerful melee units.
  • Tyrant Guard – powerful defensive melee units used to protect other large or vulnerable units.

The Tree

The bus spurred to life with a puff of smoke

As I watch the world slip by me

The lone tree sways in the evening breeze.

No glance nor thought cast upon it.

Its name long forgotten, its meaning non-existent.

It was but a tree, a nameless tree.

But it whispered to me of a forgotten time.

Where air was sweet and man at peace.

Fields of roses where butterflies dance.

I danced with the butterflies, I danced with the tree.

But when I fell,  all I could smell,

Was the acrid air of burning wood.

For man have forgotten the name of nature.

I look yonder, the rose fields gone.

Butterflies dancing in the flames,

The old tree lay charred and cold.

The bus ground to a stop once more,

All I could see was a world that has forgotten.