A place about everything and nothing

The Tree

The bus spurred to life with a puff of smoke

As I watch the world slip by me

The lone tree sways in the evening breeze.

No glance nor thought cast upon it.

Its name long forgotten, its meaning non-existent.

It was but a tree, a nameless tree.

But it whispered to me of a forgotten time.

Where air was sweet and man at peace.

Fields of roses where butterflies dance.

I danced with the butterflies, I danced with the tree.

But when I fell,  all I could smell,

Was the acrid air of burning wood.

For man have forgotten the name of nature.

I look yonder, the rose fields gone.

Butterflies dancing in the flames,

The old tree lay charred and cold.

The bus ground to a stop once more,

All I could see was a world that has forgotten.


One response

  1. hitoshura

    good to keep this up, at least you’ll prevent saf from making your brain rot.

    January 1, 2010 at 8:42 AM

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