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Gaming 2010

It has officially been 1 week into year 2010 and it already looks like a promising year for gaming. Bioware seems to be on a roll this year with 2 highly acclaimed RPG sequels/expansions coming up. Of course that is not to say that Bioware is the only one churning out great games this year.

So here is look at what I and maybe you can look forwards to this year.

1.  Mass Effect 2 – ETA  January 26, 2010

2.  Bioshock 2 – ETA February 9, 2010

3.  Supreme Commander 2 -ETA March 2, 2010

4.  Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising – ETA March 11, 2010

5.  Dragon Age: Origins Awakening – ETA March 16, 2010

6.  Command & Conquer 4 – ETA March 16, 2010

7.  Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty – TBA


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