A place about everything and nothing



What a beauty you are

Personified you are not

Pictures you are not

How perplexing

How confusing

Oh beauty what are you

Torment me so

Hurt me so

Your nature eludes me

For words you are not

For pen do you no justice

Nor are you an action

For the ballet makes you weep

You are not the voice

Even when nature sings you praise

Oh beauties real are you

Or just a dream

A dream for fools

Fools who claim to know you so

Accusing you to be all that is holy

All that is right

All that is good

Beauty you rouse me so

I burn for you

Yet never capture you

Oh beauty you make me feel

To tear with emotion

To seethe with rage

To laugh with joy

To make me human

Oh beauty what are you

Are you real or just a dream

A fleeting dream that comes and goes

Like ages old and new

Beauty where are you

Are you the soul that burns for thee?

I chase a dream

A dream for beauty

But you are a dream

You are not real

I searched for beauty for naught

For there is no real beauty

I am beauty

I am the thought

I am an idea

I am a dream.


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