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Dances With Smurfs

So yes, I’ve finally manage to got to watch Avatar, not The Last Airbender mind you, but the James Cameron’s much touted Avatar.  Watched it in 3D no less.

If you have been living under a rock, which kinda applies more to me then anyone else, you may ask. How was the movie? Was it good? I would tap you on the shoulders and tell you. “Sonny boy… you gotta watch it to believe it”

Jokes aside, Avatar is a brilliant film and is definitely worth watching. It is one of the most visually stunning films in ages. From the lush viridian jungles of Pandora to the floating mountains, all of this were beautifully rendered and so very real.

The plot however wasn’t as spectacular the gunship with multiple 4- linked gatling guns and missile pods that would make a Robotech fanboy go into fits. As my friend said, “Avatar is kinda like Pocahontas in the future with xenophiles.” I can’t help but agree. The story was predictable, with your ‘evil’ Military Sergeant Major and your greedy corporate bastard cliques. Of course that is not to say that the plot wasn’t strong, it just wasn’t anything spectacular. After all, the plot is quite similar to a number of older movies, namely Dances With Wolves, a 1990 film about an American civil-war soldier who encountered the indigenous people of the untamed America and befriended them.

But despite that, Avatar is really a movie you should try to catch I guarantee it would take your breath away. And the designs for the creatures and vehicles is awesome.


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