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Plans for 2010 and beyond…beyond…beyond…

So yes, an actual post about yours truly. OMG! I know!! Hush now multiple personalties. Back to the point, it is still relatively early in this most glorious 2010. 2 more years to the end of the world if the Mayans are to be believed. So this is a most apt time to think about what has transpassed through your miserable little insignificant lives.

Well for me, I am a most forward looking person. The past are but lessons to be learnt and experience to be gained. That is how you level up in this game of life by the way. So here is a little list of what I’m gonna do with my life and maybe it will help get you lazy gits off your arses and do something more constructive then reading this blog. (I’m just joking bout the ‘stop reading my blog’ part. View counts! Yea, I love them. But yes do be more constructive.)

*Drum Roll* Here comes the list

1 ) Finish up the v2.5 for my little Anima RPG supplement, Project Claymore (Deadline: March 2010)

2 ) Finish up me old Warhammer 40k ork army (Deadline: Hopefully before I die)

3 ) Continue working on my Generic Mecha Role Playing Game system (Deadline: 2013)

4 ) Continue working on my Generic Mecha Miniature Wargaming system (Deadline: 2013)

5 ) Learn G.E.C.K mod kit for Fallout 3 (Deadline: 2012)

6 ) Learn SCUMVM to finish up Heidi’s Hamster’s Hand (Deadline: 2012)

7 ) Start writing a sci-fi rendition of the Homer’s epic Lliad. (Deadline: 2011)

8 ) Start writing a draft for a ‘novel’. Tentatively titled “An Interview with Mister Nilhus” (Deadline: At the end of this year)

9 ) Get a tattoo of the Imperial Aquila on my back (Deadline: 2011)

10 ) Get a tattoo of the Chaos Undecided Undivided symbol on my upper right arm (Deadline: 2011)

11 ) Tone up my body so my tattoo would not look like shit (Deadline: June 2011)


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