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The Meaning of Death

Being brainy means people would often ask you some of the dumbest things and the most profoundly simple philosophical question. So there I was, sitting down reading Dante’s Inferno when my friend approached me and asked “What is that you are reading?”

“Read the title” I replied curtly.

“What is it about” Was the reply

So I described the premise of Dante’s Inferno and his journey through hell,purgatory and finally heaven.

“So it is about religion and life after death?”

“In some sense”

“Have you ever thought about the meaning of life?”

This finally caught my attention, and was replied with contemplative silence. Does life really need a meaning? Is it not already complicated enough?

Life, we can call it a measure of how a person has lived his or her life, but in the end, there is only death. The futility that is life, for no matter how powerful, how kind, how meaningful your life has been, you will still die. So in a way, the only way to life is to die. For death is the summation of all the tragedies and triumphs of an individual and perhaps, at that very moment you know you have lived a life. No matter how abruptly your lives are ended, it is at those moment that you have truly lived. To have struggled through the futility of life and to rest eternally in death.

Grim? Perhaps, but what are we compared to the cosmos that surrounds us. Our petty lives are but droplets in an endless sea. So maybe there is no meaning in life. Maybe one should ask. What is the meaning of death? And maybe just maybe, the meaning of death is to have lived. No matter how futile, meaningless it was, we existed in a time and we exist as cosmic dust. So live like a firefly, brief but oh so bright.



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