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You are only born once

….but more then once, you would rather be dead. With the coming of my 21st birthday, (adult shop here I come!!) it has got me musing about my life for the past 20 odd years.

As life is, it has its ups and downs. I’ve matured over the age, though I would say I still possess a naivety and a timeless childish side. Each horror and triumph ultimately makes me who I am. Given a choice to turn back time, I would politely refuse and ask for a book recommendation instead. So yes, another chapter of my life is about to unfold and I honestly cant wait to see what shit storms and bliss life can throw at me. If life wasn’t fucked up it wouldn’t be worth living now would it?

When life deals you a bad hand, you give it the finger.

So to those loyal readers (doubt I have many but what the heck) here is a wishlist for this greedy little bastard.

1) A laser printer would be nice

2) I wouldn’t mind a small HD TV

3) A XBox 360 or a PS3 would go nicely with a HD TV don’t you think?

4) Perhaps a Kinokuniya Voucher? 20 bucks ++?

5) Borderlands seems like a fun game



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