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The effect of Mass Effect 2

What do you mean a star is dying?

OH YEA. I got me grubby hands on me own Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition. That is also the reason why there have been a lack of post.

For those who played Mass Effect 1, you will notice a huge difference in Mass Effect 2. Starting a new character/importing old saves. You will go through around 10-15 mins of beautifully rendered cinematics as well as equally impressive in-game cinematics. Which would kinda get old after say the 4th replay? But yes, that is how you start your journey as the first human SPECTER. A secret agent sorta figure in a multi-specie galactic order.

Well after that little scrap filling in the blanks between Mass Effect 1 to 2, you get to choose a class/look no matter what your choices and class were back in the original Mass Effect.

The Classes are streamlined and now only contains around 5 skills with 4 ranks in each. Each class is given its own class ability. For example, the Infiltrator. A combat/tech class gives you a class skill known as the Tactical Cloak. It effectively renders you invisible to the enemies and allows the player to get behind the enemies and do maximum carnage. Hence the name Infiltrator.

The next major change from ME 1 to 2 is the fact that there is no longer an inventory. (no moar lootz!!=( ) What you do get is research, instead of getting better and bigger guns, you tech into bigger and better guns while improving you meager outfit of pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and submachine guns. So be prepared to spend at least half your time roaming star systems and scanning planets for resources to tech up your squad.

Another thing to note is the combat itself, you no longer auto get into cover but instead you have to press SPACE when near a viable cover. You can also leap across cover by pressing the SPACEBAR and W (forward movement). This makes for some intresting tactical decisions, combined with the fact that the random spread of ME 1 is no longer in effect. ME 2 is effectively a 3rd-person shooter with Jedi powers.

Of course the final and most important change about ME 2 is the conversation options. Depending on you Paragon/Renegade levels, you can interrupt a conversation by punching a guy in the face or mercy kill a species. Of course this adds a whole new dimension to the role-playing possibilities and it is definitely fun to watch get a merc get zapped when you stick a electro rod into his back.

Oh did I mention the star-studded voice acting crew which includes the likes of Martin SheenMichael DornCarrie-Anne MossYvonne StrahovskiTricia HelferShohreh AghdashlooAdam BaldwinSimon Templeman,  Michael Hogan,  Keith David and Seth Green. What is there not to like?

So overall how do I rate ME 2?

Audio: 8

Graphics: 9

Gameplay: 9

Storyline: 9

Total: 9


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