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Last week, I partook in a social activity known as a movie outing. The movie in question? None other then Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. How was the movie you ask? It was crap. Okay, it was not that bad, but it definitely wasn’t great and was close to being crap.

So what went wrong? Well let us start with what went right, since they are fewer in numbers and easier to cover. Okay, first up the setting. The setting was a visual treat, the characters are quirky as they were meant to be and amusing at times. The ambiance was pretty well done and the environment gave the whole show a rather dark feel to it. Of course there is an all star crew playing the host of characters in the show, some less known but noteworthy personalities include Stephen Fry who voiced the Cheshire Cat and Matt Lucas who voice and is Tweedledee/Tweedledum and of course the lovely Anne Hathaway who plays the White Queen.

Okay, that is pretty much all the good stuff I had to say. Now to what I felt lacking in the movie, well first off the plot. The movie literally throws the whole plot in your face in the first 30 mins and not a very strong/original/creative plot at that. The acting was sub-par at best, Depp’s role as the Mad Hatter didn’t really require much dynamic/impressive/compelling acting. The acting of Helena Bonham Carter on the other hand proved to be more entertaining with her horrifically malformed character, The Red Queen.

My other gripe was the fact that the movie felt rushed and Characters like Dormouse, Tweedledee/Tweedledum, March Hare and other assorted Wonderland characters did not really get developed much. The whole show was not even sure of itself, was it suppose to be quirky and whimsical or was it suppose to be dark. I have no idea and I’m pretty sure neither did the movie. And the whole grown up Alice deal?American Mcgee’s Alice did it first.

Visual: 7

Audio: 6

Plot: 2

Overall: 5


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