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Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now?

Coming across this video, it really struck a cord. A discordant cord but still a cord. The brutal honesty within this video is refreshing. Indeed who is gonna save my soul now? The already bleak world seems bleaker without you.

“Are you even listening?”



The world as I see it

So true indeed. In all honesty, I hate people. I hate the world we made, I hate my peers, I hate humanity. The world as I see it, is a decadent place akin to ancient Rome. The hypocrisy and the illusions of grandeur humanity has of itself makes me sick. We fill our lives with vapid pursuits. We scorn the intelligentsias of our society and hide within our delusions of adequacy.

The world is poisoned by the unthinking, self-serving, pleasure seeking pursuits of lesser minds. I have to admit, even I am gripped by this poison that so afflicts us all. The very fact that I see myself as the chosen few who can see this invisible poison serves only as a testament to my own failings. I wallow in the same pit as the rest of humanity, comforting myself with my ‘moral’ righteousness and my ‘superior’ intellect. I try to enforce my vision on the less worthy while I drink lavishly from the poisonous well that we all share.

Such bitterness you can almost taste it. But you do not, so do not pretend that you do. People, people, people. I see myself as a Saviour and a destroyer. With all my might I wish for the utter destruction of the human race, yet at the same time I hope that there is indeed something worth saving. But I can not find it. The people I meet only confirms my dreaded realization years ago, Humanity must be extinguished if we can not as a species elevate ourselves to a higher calling, a destiny if you will. We are self destructive creatures with perverted based desires which we mistake for cognition. So what if we are sentient when we indulge our every whim. Despite all my misgivings for my grotesque race, I have seen beauty in it.

These are people who stand outside of society, not by birth or circumstance, but by choice. To study the monstrosity that is modern society we abandon our ties with society and look at it with apathy and disdain. We see society for what it is, and it is in these people are find solace. The beauty of the mind is at its brightest amongst these outcast, I see this outcast as the hope of humanity, philosophers each and every one. Perhaps in an age where Plato’s vision of philosopher kings can truly be manifest. Perhaps, perhaps humanity may be worth saving once more.

Craig Ferguson makes Cameos

In the past 3 weeks, I have watched How to Train Your Dragon and Kick-Ass. What do they have in common? Craig Ferguson that’s what. For those of you who have no idea who this Scottish son of a gun is. Craig Ferguson is the host of the CBS’s Late Late Show and he is awesome.

Lootz of the Day

Yes folks! The board game, Chaos in the Old World is in! I placed an order for it a few months back and now it is finally here! Have no fear, with my awesome intellect, I shall unravel the secrets of the warp. Review coming soon!

Analyze Me: The Critic

I realize I have been neglecting this little brainchild of mine for some time, but you must understand, even a parent requires some time away from his/her child. Besides I was busy with my mandatory Military service. Nevertheless I’m back and let us kick things off once more with a little introspection.

So let us take a look at why I grade certain games and movies the way I do.

Firstly, the Story Package. Story package you ask? Well that is basically the combination of Plot, Characters and Setting. It doesnt matter if the gameplay sucked or the visuals were sub-par. A good Story Package is endearing and is often the basis for cult classics.

Next up, Ambiance. Ambiance both includes the musical score and the visuals of the setting. Good visuals helps you visualize the setting but a good score is the one that really brings out the mood.

Lastly, Visual Effects. Visual Effects is not to be confused with Visuals, Visual Effects are all the shiny explosions and cool effects you see in-game or on screen. Visuals are the basically graphical depictions of the setting. Why do I rank Visual Effects last? Well personally, I’m the kinda guy who believes that beauty is only skin deep, so look closer. You might find something even better.