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Analyze Me: The Critic

I realize I have been neglecting this little brainchild of mine for some time, but you must understand, even a parent requires some time away from his/her child. Besides I was busy with my mandatory Military service. Nevertheless I’m back and let us kick things off once more with a little introspection.

So let us take a look at why I grade certain games and movies the way I do.

Firstly, the Story Package. Story package you ask? Well that is basically the combination of Plot, Characters and Setting. It doesnt matter if the gameplay sucked or the visuals were sub-par. A good Story Package is endearing and is often the basis for cult classics.

Next up, Ambiance. Ambiance both includes the musical score and the visuals of the setting. Good visuals helps you visualize the setting but a good score is the one that really brings out the mood.

Lastly, Visual Effects. Visual Effects is not to be confused with Visuals, Visual Effects are all the shiny explosions and cool effects you see in-game or on screen. Visuals are the basically graphical depictions of the setting. Why do I rank Visual Effects last? Well personally, I’m the kinda guy who believes that beauty is only skin deep, so look closer. You might find something even better.


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