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Mass Effect…The Movie!!?

It is comforting to know that in the future, somethings never change.

Wha wha what? No you did not hear wrong. The rumor mill is churning but yes, this is quite possibly real. As  evident in this Bioware Forum thread.

Excited? I’m filled with trepidation actually, I sure as hell do not want another Doom-esque game to movie. And this bag the questions, is it live action or animated? Is it gonna be Male Shepard or female Shepard? If it is male Shepard please get a new voice actor/ actual actor. This is of course not mentioning the most important question. Is that xenos romancable?

Stay tune to find out.

I'd hit that... WITH MAH LAZERZ!!


Despicable Me

It is so adorable I could Die!!

The Fresh Prince of Persia

Oh gods oh gods oh gods. Cant wait for the movie. I must say, even though it is a Video Game to Movie conversion, it looks promising. Not to mentioned Gemma Arterton looks fucking hot in the movie and her accent is so sexy. If you have no idea who Gemma Arterton is, well she is the Princess.

Of course on a less hormonal note, The Prince. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who also stared in the rather psychological/metaphysical movie, Donnie Drako and it was pretty sweet. Well here is the trailer of Prince of Persia if you had not already watched it. Coming May 27th, Enjoy.

Identity Crysis?

Okay for those of you who have not heard, the much anitcipated sequel to CrysisCrysis 2 is coming out. The picture on top is not a Nanosuit concept art but rather a Vindicare Assassin from Warhammer 40k.

Looks familiar? Yea, that aside. Crysis 2 moves from jungle warfare to urban combat and it looks very promising. Take a look.


Ghostbusters goes cyberpunk? Yea sounds about right. Well instead of having 4 dudes with proton packs, we have 1 chick with a ‘badass’ attitude, cybernetics and genius IQ.

Well to be honest, the first 1/4 of the Graphic Novel wasn’t very impressive for me. The whole premise of Hotwire: Requiem of the Dead, is that ‘ghost’ or blue-lights are real and they share our realm. However blue-lights are also scientifically accountable. Blue-lights are essentially directed electromagnetic charges, so to bust a ghost, you set up EM suppressors or blast them with water.

Yea so you have Miss Alice Hotwire, an exorcist detective, a scientific person caught in an era of neo-spirituality. Not to spoil it for you guys, but lets just say that some extremely potent Blue-lights starts wreaking havoc and a darker conspiracy is uncovered. The plot well paced although the dialogue felt forced especially at the front but it got better at the end. I rather liked the art direction, the strong colors with realistic art style reminds me of CthulhuTech and is definitely a plus for me.

Overall a pretty good read and you can be sure I’ll be following this graphic novel for some time.

Art: 8

Plot: 7

Ambiance: 9

Characters: 6

Total: 7.5

Craig Ferguson’s Robot Skeleton Sidekick

The impossible has been done and history has been made, the first ever robot skeleton sidekick for late night show host Craig Ferguson is complete!! Witness the brilliance of Grant Imahara! Behold. Join the Robot Skeleton Army, be a follower. Tweet CraigyFerg

And a little bonus to all ye dudes out there. Kristen Bell. Damn she is so hot and cute, I so dig her.

The Ferric Lure of Iron Man

I’ve been told that Iron Man 2 was not as good as Iron Man 1. And you know what? I think Iron Man 2 is as good if not better then Iron Man 1. You see, most people look at Iron Man as nothing more then a source of gratuitous amounts of explosions, destruction and cool gadgetry action. So striding into the the cinema they expected Iron Man 2 to be the same as Iron Man 1. *Press the buzzer* WRONG!

You see Iron Man 1 was about self-discovery in terms of ‘superpower’. As with fiction, the discovery of power is often the most interesting and gripping.  So Iron Man 1 spent a good half of the show setting up the premise of his powers while the other half is more personal to Tony Stark as a person but this is shallow compared to the depth of Iron Man 2.

Iron Mans 2 is darker for Tony<Played by Rober Downey Jr> on a more personal level. Ok spoiler alert! When Tony realizes that the one thing keeping him alive is also killing him, he spirals down a path of despair and self-destruction. But even as he is consumed by his own indignation, he puts on an iron mask. Both literally and figuratively. A mask of confidence he wears to everyone around him. He tries to be strong even in such dire times and it saps Tony.

I can really identify with the emotional trauma, to put up a brave front even when you are dying inside. All too often…

Graphically, it was to be expected. Pretty awesome. With the introduction of War Machine massive gratuitous violence just went up a notch. I love it when Tony and Pepper <Played by Gwyneth Paltrow> start squabbling, they were like a married couple who could not stand each other yet could not live without the other.

Visual: 9

Audio: 7

Plot: 8

Overall: 8

Are you bewitched by the Witcher too?

Are you? Well I sure am. For those of you who never heard/read/played The Witcher. The story follows a WitcherGeralt of Rivia. What is a Witcher? Well they are essentially monster hunters trained at a young age and imbued with supernatural powers in their fight against supernatural enemies.

The story is originally Polish but has, in recent years received a spate of translation and you should be able to find it at your local bookstores. The stories are actually really good and the plot is pretty intriguing. There is a kind of Polish polish you don’t see anywhere else. Polish polish, love how that rolls out the tongue.

So whats are the rave? The Witcher 2 that’s what. Check out the videos, need I say more?

Did I mention it is visually stunning, adult content, dark foreboding ambiance and an even darker storyline. I know, wonderful ain’t it.

The boy who hated the world

There was once a boy, who lived a life like any. He was blessed with a cheery disposition, he was outgoing and oh so talkative. One would imagine that this boy would have many friends and have much fun together with his merry little bunch. But that was not so.

The boy knew a great deal of people but few he would even remotely consider a friend, let alone a good friend. There were people who he tagged along more often then not but that was about it. What a strange little fellow you might say and you are probably right.

You see, this boy, he is the same as any other person on the outside. But on the inside, there was a darkness. There was a terrible darkness that laid  in his breast waiting for the moment it could burst out and consume everything.

As our boy grew older, he saw the world in a different light. He saw the decadence that is us, he saw for the first time, the horrors of being human. ‘I must enlighten them’ The little boy swore, and vowed to change the world. But as the world always does, it rolls over us. The boy could do little as humanity sunk deeper into its own waste and the madness of society continued to spiral downwards.

Despair. Despair in the face of overwhelming madness. That was all the boy could do. Gripped by melancholia, the boy sought solace in solitude. He maintained a pleasant mask for the world, but inside he was dying. All the despair and helplessness fed the darkness within the boy and from this, a darker emotion was born. Hatred.

The boy’s hatred grew with each passing day. ‘What pathetic creatures we are. Consumed in our vapid lives of decadence’ He whispered to the world. As his hatred grew, so too did his anger. Like a blazing  ball of fire, the boy’s anger could be barely contained. It took all the boy’s restraint to keep himself away from the promise of violence. But the chains are wearing thin.

It came as little surprise when the boy finally snapped. Ablaze with righteous fury born of hatred, everywhere he went was touched by the kiss of destruction. This unbridled display of wanton destruction filled the boy with great joy, but every fire must eventually burn out.

Flee.The boy fled to the only place he knew, his home. But what greeted him as he opened at the door? The tear streaked face of his beloved sister. “Mom and Dad are dead!!” And beyond the boy’s sister was the TV showing off the destruction in all its glory.

Flee. The boy fled into his room and slammed it shut. Falling to his knees he smashed his fist against the tiled floor in terrible revelation. Tears fell from the boy’s eyes and onto the floor. He stared incredulous at the puddle that was slowly forming. The boy had forgotten how to cry in his vehemence of his hatred. But now like a broken tap, salty droplets streamed down his face.

It was then that the boy saw the darkness that laid within his soul. In his hatred he had become what he hated so much. He became human…

Upon My High Tower



The High Tower

I sat atop my high tower, aloof and proud

Looking down at my envious crowd

With disdain and contempt I greeted them

For they are the soulless and the damned

I sat atop my high tower seated upon my throne

My subjects are many but I needed none

For only I alone have the will to see the stars

To see beyond the heavens and my mortal bars.

I sat atop my high tower, without mate nor peer

I have seen the stars but no one sees my fears

I look down from my high tower, my home, my prison

My vision of the stars were my prize, my poison


I sat atop my high tower longing for release

My only company were the ghost of the decease

I suffer alone the knowledge won from the heavens

Though all is revealed to me, my soul lays barren

I sat atop my high tower screaming

The crowd stirs but no one is listening

No one sees my anguish, no one hears my cries

I sat atop my high tower, in the tower I shall die