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Are you bewitched by the Witcher too?

Are you? Well I sure am. For those of you who never heard/read/played The Witcher. The story follows a WitcherGeralt of Rivia. What is a Witcher? Well they are essentially monster hunters trained at a young age and imbued with supernatural powers in their fight against supernatural enemies.

The story is originally Polish but has, in recent years received a spate of translation and you should be able to find it at your local bookstores. The stories are actually really good and the plot is pretty intriguing. There is a kind of Polish polish you don’t see anywhere else. Polish polish, love how that rolls out the tongue.

So whats are the rave? The Witcher 2 that’s what. Check out the videos, need I say more?

Did I mention it is visually stunning, adult content, dark foreboding ambiance and an even darker storyline. I know, wonderful ain’t it.


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