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The Ferric Lure of Iron Man

I’ve been told that Iron Man 2 was not as good as Iron Man 1. And you know what? I think Iron Man 2 is as good if not better then Iron Man 1. You see, most people look at Iron Man as nothing more then a source of gratuitous amounts of explosions, destruction and cool gadgetry action. So striding into the the cinema they expected Iron Man 2 to be the same as Iron Man 1. *Press the buzzer* WRONG!

You see Iron Man 1 was about self-discovery in terms of ‘superpower’. As with fiction, the discovery of power is often the most interesting and gripping.  So Iron Man 1 spent a good half of the show setting up the premise of his powers while the other half is more personal to Tony Stark as a person but this is shallow compared to the depth of Iron Man 2.

Iron Mans 2 is darker for Tony<Played by Rober Downey Jr> on a more personal level. Ok spoiler alert! When Tony realizes that the one thing keeping him alive is also killing him, he spirals down a path of despair and self-destruction. But even as he is consumed by his own indignation, he puts on an iron mask. Both literally and figuratively. A mask of confidence he wears to everyone around him. He tries to be strong even in such dire times and it saps Tony.

I can really identify with the emotional trauma, to put up a brave front even when you are dying inside. All too often…

Graphically, it was to be expected. Pretty awesome. With the introduction of War Machine massive gratuitous violence just went up a notch. I love it when Tony and Pepper <Played by Gwyneth Paltrow> start squabbling, they were like a married couple who could not stand each other yet could not live without the other.

Visual: 9

Audio: 7

Plot: 8

Overall: 8


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