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Ghostbusters goes cyberpunk? Yea sounds about right. Well instead of having 4 dudes with proton packs, we have 1 chick with a ‘badass’ attitude, cybernetics and genius IQ.

Well to be honest, the first 1/4 of the Graphic Novel wasn’t very impressive for me. The whole premise of Hotwire: Requiem of the Dead, is that ‘ghost’ or blue-lights are real and they share our realm. However blue-lights are also scientifically accountable. Blue-lights are essentially directed electromagnetic charges, so to bust a ghost, you set up EM suppressors or blast them with water.

Yea so you have Miss Alice Hotwire, an exorcist detective, a scientific person caught in an era of neo-spirituality. Not to spoil it for you guys, but lets just say that some extremely potent Blue-lights starts wreaking havoc and a darker conspiracy is uncovered. The plot well paced although the dialogue felt forced especially at the front but it got better at the end. I rather liked the art direction, the strong colors with realistic art style reminds me of CthulhuTech and is definitely a plus for me.

Overall a pretty good read and you can be sure I’ll be following this graphic novel for some time.

Art: 8

Plot: 7

Ambiance: 9

Characters: 6

Total: 7.5


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