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Fallout: New Vegas, Collector’s Edition


I am assuming control of this post…

I am the Harbinger of your perfection and I bring to you a warning of what is to come.

We are superior and our coming shall bring with it Fallout : New Vegas.

I sense your weakness, you will submit and purchase come October.

This is what you face… Collectors shall be gifted with several custom poker chips, they are of significance in the story.

You are shortsighted to think that is all you get. Included within is a custom poker deck as well as a hardcover graphic novel, published by the Dark Horse.

The forces of the universe bend to me and I shall reveal to you the making of the New Vegas in a convenient data storage unit you primitive creatures call DVD

This form is irrelevant…

I am releasing control of this post…


The ZomCom strikes back…

It is alive! ALIVE!! Yes, my com died and came back to live. For god knows how many times. Yes, it has even come to a point where I affectionately call this shambling mound of metal and wires ZomCom an abbreviation of Zombie Computer. It groans and sputters as it seeks out more software to consume while its debilitated hardware slowly falls apart.

Really ZomCom is like Fido, once its inhibitor collar is off, it goes on a rampage and does not respond to my commands. Terrifying. Maybe it is time to get a new computer… A brand new shiny Macbook Pro prehaps? For hardcore work purposes… Or… A shiny new alienware gaming desktop? Gaming ahoy. Or maybe both?

Decisions decisions…

Starcraft 2, Hate it, Love it.

July 27th. Mark it well, for it is the day terror shall once more grip your mortal soul. Starcraft 2, it comes for you. But I am annoyed at Blizzard. Why you ask? Well you see, I’m a collector.

And there are only 500 sets of Starcraft 2 collector’s edition in Asia, and we all know where the bulk of it is going. To the zergs… I mean koreans… Damn zergs. Like I said I am a collector and I love random useless game related baubles. But despite this, being the little bitch to games I am. I will still be getting Starcraft 2. Grudgingly.

I really cant be fucked over the multi-player, what I am looking forward to is the single player and also their world editor. This will be a chance for me to do some mods and increase my portfolio. Of course, this leads me to my second greviance. You see, BattleNet is now on monthly subscription instead of it being free no LAN as well if I’m not wrong. Do you see my predicament. To get my mods to the public requires BattleNet, unless I get Starcraft 2 Unlimited edition which signs me up for BattleNet for life. It is all fine and good but I rather get the Collector’s edition if I have to pay extra just to get Unlimited BattleNet….

Some might argue that I’m just bitching cause I can’t get the collector’s ed and they are proabley right. But hey, I need an outlet so don’t judge me. Don’t you dare… Releasing Control of this form…


I was recently introduced to this comic by a friend and I must say this is definitely one of the wackiest and far-out comic I have ever read. Not to mentioned the butt load of sexual undertones.

Well a quick introduction to our unlikely superheroine. Emp, or Empowered. Our well endowed heroine is am extremely self-conscious and insecure post-human (Though personally she is not really post-human since she relies on her suit for powers) in a world of superheroes and super villains. As you might see from the pictures, her suit is extremely tight and form-fitting. This is all nice and good except for the fact that the suit is extremely fragile and tears at the slightest scratch. As the suit disintegrates, so too does her powers and her already diminished self-esteemed.

To add insult to injury, she always ends up tied up and gagged in compromising positions.

That is not to say she is harmless, when you fuck with her friends… well good luck to you.

For the story, it starts out pretty shallow and focus on the sheer absurdity of her predicaments. It got better as it went on, Emp became more of a character and a person and not just some fetish jerk off material. Even now, there are hints of darker things afoot involving her reformed thug boyfriend and her ninja BFF. Those of you looking for immersion can forget it, expect much appearances of wrecking balls and fourth walls.

If you have not noticed yet, the art is really not your traditional ‘american’ comic art. It is rather, a manga inspired art style illustrated by Adam Warren not that I have any complains about it.

Overall, I found it an enjoyable read. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and you shouldn’t either So here are the scores. But fair warning, its content are quite adult in nature and should not be viewed by any with a self-deluded sense of moral righteousness.

Art: 7

Plot: 6

Ambiance: 7

Characters: 8

Total: 7

The End of an Era

For a good nine years, I have followed this manga series and on June 2010 this epic saga has finally came to an end. It is  a story of friendship, determination as it is common for Shonen mangas. But really drew me to the story was the intellectualism inherent in it.

From the formulas of alchemy and the principals that govern it  were all masterfully done and well fleshed out. The manga is not afraid to let people see the horrors of human nature and even embodies the seven sins in seven deadly homunculus. The conspiracy, the tragedy and the comedy. They were wonderfully blended together, true Fullmetal alchemist may not be as dark as some other existing Mangas, but it definetly capture an honesty rare in a world of fantasy.

I thank you Elric Brothers and I have enjoyed the journey we had.

Grammar Nazi

Stumbled upon this while surfing through the sea of information or as you might know it, the internet aka the world-wide web. Hilarious. I am quite the grammar Nazi at times. I hate to admit it but sometimes, even I am prone to making the occasional slip in the language, but for the most part I try to take stock on what I’m saying.

But I have to admit, I do get really annoyed when people epic phail at grammar. I’m not really policing the language or anything but have a heart, pity me, please try to speak properly. On a side note some hilarious videos on Grammar Nazis. Those of you who are not movie buffs might not understand Collegehumor’s Grammar Nazi beyonds it’s play with the Nazi party. But as some of you might have realized… or not, Grammar Nazi is actually a spoof on the movie Inglorious Bastards.

On a totally unrelated note. All Chinese knows kung-fu and this only proves it. Sith Inquisitor gets his ass handed to him by The Last Airbender.

Dark Millennium Online

When the God-Emperor gives you lemons... You find a Warhound Titan

Oh my God-Emperor. Oh my God-Emperor. Oh my God-Emperor. Oh my God-Emperor. Oh my God-Emperor. The first definitive trailer is finally out.

For those of you not in the know, a Warhammer 40k MMO in the works has been churning in the rumor mill for some time. Debates over how it would play and what you can play have been a topic for many 40k junkies.

Orks Orks Orks Orks Orks

3rd Person shooter, Vehicular  Action Bars? These are but glimpses of gameplay one can catch. Excited? Of course I am, I’m one of the 40k junkies aforementioned. I’m on my knees praying to the Golden Throne they don’t screw this up.

Here is the trailer to sate your curiosity… FOR NOW!!!

An Ode to the Living Dead

The cold air blew through my open window while the pale specular reflection of the moon shimmered.

I awoke with a start, sweating. My shirt was soaked while perspiration trickle down my face.

“…were found Dead”

I was bathed in cold shifting light as the tele near my bed flickered with static .

“Suicide rates have continued to increase despite efforts….”

Shifting images of people shuffling to work tore through my retinas and into my brain.

“Get off the road you damn Nutter!” A baleful horn and an angry fist.


I lifted my leaden feet and lurched towards the station. Everyone goes to the station sometimes… Everyone….


Pain wrecked my body as the world rolled over me.


Smashed against the bottom of the steps I picked myself up and nursed my injured arm.

“Watch it asshole! You are in the way!”

Nobody cares. The world cares not for those it leaves behind.

For the world turns with every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every year.

It turns away, never to look back.

Shuffling forms filled the train. Body heaped upon bodies.

The smell of decay flows down from the top and into the station.


I stand amidst the bodies innumerable. Vacant seats and vacant minds.

I walk…

Rundown and barely serviced. My apartment, my home.

My tomb…?

“…there has been a drastic rise in the number of people claiming that ‘the end is nigh’. Authorities are clamping down… “

I look at the mirror but a stranger looks back.

There is sadness in your eyes I told the stranger

My vision blurred and it was moist

Dead… but still alive…

Out the window they were walking

Always walking, walking, walking

I lived…

I live…

I die…

The wind blowing through my hair as I run laughing through the streets.

People stop and stare and I laugh at their bewildered gaze

Let them trudge on in the thick mud of drudgery

Let them walk the path they walk forevermore

I dance with the walking dead as they shuffle through their life

In my breast beats a cold furnace and I’m more alive than ever

But I am dead inside… My heart a frozen mass…

I am the living and the dead… for I am an ode to the living dead.

Work by Petros Ghebrehiwot

Mind Your Language part 1

So, what language do you think in? What goes on in your head as you read this sentence? Do you think in Mandarin, English, Latin, Japanese?

See I believe that how you think is greatly affected by the language in which you process information. A clear concise mind produces clear concise sentences and internal monologue. Different language has different social, cultural and structural implications. What would make perfect sense in Mandarin will not make sense once translated directly to English or any other language for that matter.

A language has finite vocabulary and each vocabulary has different connotations and implications. When stringed together into a sentence, each word will have vastly different meaning and impact. When a person learns a language, he/she tags an associated word with an image/sound/purpose. I will not pretend to even begin to understand how a child is able to still identify a chair as a chair when two vastly different designs are presented. Perhaps both chairs have a unifying purpose of form that is the basis of observation? That is definitely something to think about but I digress.

Like Facebook pictures, we tag words with an image/sound/purpose instead of friends. What we create in our mind as child is a neural network of word association. This is in addition to mimicry of the sounds our parents produce when cajoling us. As we get older, our understanding of a language diminishes/increases. This allow more complex sentences to be formed and also form in my opinion the basis of thought. Language is the physical representation of thought.

Of course, we go on to independently consume more language and vocabulary, assimilating this new learned words. The more we consume, the more we are able to build a sentence with more variation and each word itself can contain more meaning then a whole sentence. Which comes back to the my case of language. It is my believe that each language helps mold a brain differently. As I mentioned earlier, each language has its own cultural and social connotations.

For example, there is a rural village cut of from the rest of the world. Their language mainly revolves around agricultural terms and references. There are words for religious use and thing you need to get by day to day but that is it. How is one to describe a computer to the tribe in their language? Impossible without the introduction of new words.

Language and society/culture is so intricately tied it is almost impossible to disentangle them, so if you think in a certain language that favors certain philosophical thought. You are more likely to be drawn towards that line of thought due to the limited exposure of other ideas when language becomes a barrier.

On another note, having good command of a language also helps structure your thoughts. Clear concise language is an indication of a clear concise mind. People who do not take language seriously will have a hard time expressing themselves without other form of language aka art if they are so inclined.

A person unable to form proper sentences are more likely to be idiots. Grammatical mistakes are forgivable as a general rule but how you speak, write or otherwise express yourself with a language shows how you think and your general attitude towards learning.

So bottom line, language plays an important part both in society and personality so go out there and learn more. You never know what you may think of next. Incidentally hear is a little article about language. http://englishsutff.blogspot.com/2010/05/language.html

Deus Ex: Human Evolution

No actual gameplay trailer as of yet, but the cinematic trailer really looks kickass. The whole allusion to myth of Icarus is a nice touch, fly too close to the sun and you are gonna get burnt. Says tons about human ambition.