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Grammar Nazi

Stumbled upon this while surfing through the sea of information or as you might know it, the internet aka the world-wide web. Hilarious. I am quite the grammar Nazi at times. I hate to admit it but sometimes, even I am prone to making the occasional slip in the language, but for the most part I try to take stock on what I’m saying.

But I have to admit, I do get really annoyed when people epic phail at grammar. I’m not really policing the language or anything but have a heart, pity me, please try to speak properly. On a side note some hilarious videos on Grammar Nazis. Those of you who are not movie buffs might not understand Collegehumor’s Grammar Nazi beyonds it’s play with the Nazi party. But as some of you might have realized… or not, Grammar Nazi is actually a spoof on the movie Inglorious Bastards.

On a totally unrelated note. All Chinese knows kung-fu and this only proves it. Sith Inquisitor gets his ass handed to him by The Last Airbender.


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