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The End of an Era

For a good nine years, I have followed this manga series and on June 2010 this epic saga has finally came to an end. It is  a story of friendship, determination as it is common for Shonen mangas. But really drew me to the story was the intellectualism inherent in it.

From the formulas of alchemy and the principals that govern it  were all masterfully done and well fleshed out. The manga is not afraid to let people see the horrors of human nature and even embodies the seven sins in seven deadly homunculus. The conspiracy, the tragedy and the comedy. They were wonderfully blended together, true Fullmetal alchemist may not be as dark as some other existing Mangas, but it definetly capture an honesty rare in a world of fantasy.

I thank you Elric Brothers and I have enjoyed the journey we had.


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