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I was recently introduced to this comic by a friend and I must say this is definitely one of the wackiest and far-out comic I have ever read. Not to mentioned the butt load of sexual undertones.

Well a quick introduction to our unlikely superheroine. Emp, or Empowered. Our well endowed heroine is am extremely self-conscious and insecure post-human (Though personally she is not really post-human since she relies on her suit for powers) in a world of superheroes and super villains. As you might see from the pictures, her suit is extremely tight and form-fitting. This is all nice and good except for the fact that the suit is extremely fragile and tears at the slightest scratch. As the suit disintegrates, so too does her powers and her already diminished self-esteemed.

To add insult to injury, she always ends up tied up and gagged in compromising positions.

That is not to say she is harmless, when you fuck with her friends… well good luck to you.

For the story, it starts out pretty shallow and focus on the sheer absurdity of her predicaments. It got better as it went on, Emp became more of a character and a person and not just some fetish jerk off material. Even now, there are hints of darker things afoot involving her reformed thug boyfriend and her ninja BFF. Those of you looking for immersion can forget it, expect much appearances of wrecking balls and fourth walls.

If you have not noticed yet, the art is really not your traditional ‘american’ comic art. It is rather, a manga inspired art style illustrated by Adam Warren not that I have any complains about it.

Overall, I found it an enjoyable read. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and you shouldn’t either So here are the scores. But fair warning, its content are quite adult in nature and should not be viewed by any with a self-deluded sense of moral righteousness.

Art: 7

Plot: 6

Ambiance: 7

Characters: 8

Total: 7


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