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Starcraft 2, Hate it, Love it.

July 27th. Mark it well, for it is the day terror shall once more grip your mortal soul. Starcraft 2, it comes for you. But I am annoyed at Blizzard. Why you ask? Well you see, I’m a collector.

And there are only 500 sets of Starcraft 2 collector’s edition in Asia, and we all know where the bulk of it is going. To the zergs… I mean koreans… Damn zergs. Like I said I am a collector and I love random useless game related baubles. But despite this, being the little bitch to games I am. I will still be getting Starcraft 2. Grudgingly.

I really cant be fucked over the multi-player, what I am looking forward to is the single player and also their world editor. This will be a chance for me to do some mods and increase my portfolio. Of course, this leads me to my second greviance. You see, BattleNet is now on monthly subscription instead of it being free no LAN as well if I’m not wrong. Do you see my predicament. To get my mods to the public requires BattleNet, unless I get Starcraft 2 Unlimited edition which signs me up for BattleNet for life. It is all fine and good but I rather get the Collector’s edition if I have to pay extra just to get Unlimited BattleNet….

Some might argue that I’m just bitching cause I can’t get the collector’s ed and they are proabley right. But hey, I need an outlet so don’t judge me. Don’t you dare… Releasing Control of this form…


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