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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

After a solid 15 hours of play *Actually it was split between 2 days, 10 and 5 hours respectively* I’ve finally completed the single player campaign. There are 26  missions in all, averaging between 30-45mins per mission.

So lets go into the gameplay itself. Honestly, Blizzard did not reinvent the wheel. If you have played Starcraft, you have played Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 is just a graphically tuned up Starcraft in terms of gameplay and mechanics. The thing different about the singlelayer is well… the sense of choice you have now. In between missions, you can jump between 4 location on your flagship/base of operations. The Hyperion.

This is the Hyperion's Bridge. You get to choose your missions here.

Each location has a different function, the Bridge acts like a mission selector. As you progress through the game multiple new missions will appear. Each mission unlocks new units and some units are only exclusive to singleplayer. As you complete missions, you earn Credits as well *Sci-fi Cash* to spend on unit upgrades.

This is the Armoury. It allows you to purchase upgrades for your units that carry over all missions.

Then there is the Laboratory, most mission will give you access to either Protross/Zerg research points, this are used to upgrades existing buildings and even give you access to new units and abilities.

The Lab, you get to do research here

Of course last but not least, the Cantina. *cues Star Wars Cantina tune*. This location is mostly an information centre. Jim Raynor will go around talking to people here and watch the UNN news broadcast which gives you a humorous summary of you previous missions and how it affects the Starcraft continuity. The cool thing here is there is a night elf in bikini dancing in the background and even an old arcade Shooter. Which you can actually play by the way.

The Cantina. Your information brought to you in bitesize chunks

So, the gameplay was meh, but the presentation is really good and it works awesome with the story. The characters are quite well fleshed out and a joy to watch as their banter. The main storyline is rather clique as in really clique, you can consider Wings of Liberty a subplot, it is a good subplot but the overhanging main plot is really clique as you will find out as you go through the mission. I guess we have to wait for Heart of the Swarm and the Legacy of The Void campaign.

The overall feeling for Starcraft 2, kinda meh honestly. But it is a tried and true game and it works, and people love it. But innovation well, I guess Blizzard wanted Starcraft to be Starcraft cause honestly C&C4 was crap and it tried to ‘be innovative’. We might complain how things are unchanged but hey, we love old school. Points to nostalgia.

Here are the scores

Graphics: 8 (I gave it such a high score mainly due to the awesome cutscenes)

Gameplay: 8 *The mechanics remains unchanged but people love it. What I really liked was the how they did Singleplayer*

Story: 8 *Interesting but “Fallen One”? Seriously?*

Overall: 8


Starcraft II Launch Event Singapore

I received my copy after an arduous 5 hours in line yesterday. My quest to collect this epic loot was fraught with rage and suffering. But like every questing knight, I held my prize at the end. Triumphant despite the sheer quantity of people.

Why the rage and suffering you ask. Glad you asked. Having arrived early for the Starcraft II launch event, I stood patiently in line which had yet to transmogrify to a swirling maelstrom of human bodies. But this serenity was not meant to be when some asswipes decided it was ok to do an on-site pick-up ground.  Some fuckers who did not have the mind to come early decided to hitch the queue and soon it was a bloated mass of Mandarin spewing small-minded fools. Oh imagine my rage. We asked them politely at first if they were queueing for the game, and if they were please proceed to the back like every courteous and right-minded person. But NO! NO, the fucker cried! Never mind he said! What audacity, what blatant disregard!

So I swore and cursed at them but they were immovable and yet their numbers continue to swell as the day dragged on. But my outburst has rallied men to me and together we managed to drive back some of these walking bodily excrements. But the damage has been done and some refused to budge. A terrible day indeed… A day of loss… I promise you, if similar situations ever happen again. I am gonna come down on you like the hammer of gods and you will fear my wrath.

Unfortunately, I was unable to procure a camera or I would post it up here to let you see the faces of those devils. The pictures you see are taken off GameAxis Online. Anyway, loyal readers. Review of Starcraft II will be coming up soon so wait for it, folks!

Voices of the Future

Since my current obsession is Human Sarah Kerrigan, it is worthy to give due reverence to the voice that made the woman. Yes, I am speaking of the voice actress of Sarah Kerrigan, Tricia Helfer.

You might remember Tricia Helfer from the award-winning sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica, where she played the oh so sexy cylon*robot* chica , ‘Number Six‘. Already an immense pop culture icon, she went on to appear in Command & Conquer 3 as General Killian Qatar *Which is by far superior to C&C4. Which was crap*.  Looking good there too.

Of course, the most badass thing about Tricia Helfer was the fact that she was in Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is like only the most awesome sci-fi rpg around and Miss Helfer played an awesome and somewhat apt character, considering her role in Battlestar Galactica. EDI, otherwise known as Enhanced Defense Intelligence, an advance Artificial Intelligence on board the ship Normandy SR2.

And now, she is voicing my red-headed goddess of hawtness. Sarah Kerrigan. I know it is just a phase, but can’t you let a man dream?

Thank you Tricai Helfer for bring the fantasies of man, both fictional and non-fictional, through physically being there or through a digital analogue which does not look like you. I thank you.

Starcraft II: Ghost of the Past

OH!… MY!… GHOST! Sarah Kerrigan is soooooo hot. I mean before she got zerg-ified and all. I’m not really into claws, tentacles and all that nasty stuff… much. But yeh… Human Kerrigan is soooo hawt.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yea… post right, er… hi… yar… urm….

Kerrigan looking forlornly at the incoming zerg wave

Ok, for those of you not familiar with Starcraft.*What heresy is this?!*  I’m not gonna spend time explaining it to you, it is gonna take too long and I need my precious time staring at my new red headed goddess of hawtness. Sarah Kerrigan.

Oh does Kerrigan looks pissed off...

Well to do a quick summary on Miss Kerrigan, she was a human psionic special ops agent who got left behind in a zerg attack after she risked butt and beautiful cheek for an ungrateful bastard, who incidentally became the ’emperor’ of the current human populated sector. Well, she was not killed by the zerg, but rather brought back and transformed into the alien Queen of Blades.

Well enough talk, you can see the video here.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Another comic to movie adaptation ahoy! That’s right folks, come October 28th, Scott Pilgrim vs The World will hit the big screen here in the sunny side of Singapore.
For the benefit of those who are blessedly unaware, Scott Pilgrim was originally a comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. It is about, well one loser-ish  dude trying to win the love of his life and to do this, he has to defeat seven evil ex-boyfriends.
Honestly, I didn’t really like the comic. *Even now I can hear them, the angry mob of fanboys/girls with their pitchfork and torches as I utter those words.* But hey, it is a free world and I’ll say what I want. The art style is well, kinda meh. I know, I know, it is shallow of me to look at it that way but… It is just kinda hard to get around it. The storyline… well the almost oppressive hormonal neediness just kinda put it off for me. I’m just not a huge fan of RomComs *Abbreviation for Romantic Comedies* I guess, or any other romance themed story in general. Well, it is still interesting enough for me to not put down the book, so sue me. And I admit it… I find it kinda funny and endearing.
Anyhoo, the only reason why I am even remotely interested in the movie adaptation is the fact that Edgar Wright is directing it. Who is this Edgar Wright I speak of? Only the brilliant director who gave us Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Spaced. And there is of course Michael Cera, no offense to Mister Cera but with him playing the loser role, you can’t go wrong. So lets see how Scott Pilgrim will do against the World’s critics.

Dragon Age 2 revealed

Coming March 2011

Dragon Age 2 Official Website

Warhammer Witch Hunter Costume

Click here for a more indepth look

Sweet huh, I’ve recently been thinking of getting a Witch Hunter costume. Great for Halloween costume if you ask me. NOBODY EXPECTS THE SIGMARITE INQUISITION!!  So  a few click here, a little research there.  Here is a break down of the cost it will set me back by if I choose to make a Witch Hunter costume.

Flintlock Pistol replica: SG$ 126

Rapier/sword replica: SG$ 500+

Duster: US$ 59.97 – 69.97

Pilgrim Hat: US$ 12.99

Breeches: US$ 25

Buccaneer Boots: US$ 155

Undershirt: US$ 40

Yeas so it is gonna hit close to 1000 bucks and it will only look something like this.

If I’m ever gonna get this outfit, I’m definitely gonna get a fake mustache !

Red vs Blue

Lets talk about Machinima for a moment. Machinima, simply put, is  a video/movie created through real-time rendering engines aka game engines in most cases. So we’ve laid down this common understanding, now lets move to one of the most celebrated and ingenious Machinima ever. Red vs Blue or RvB.

So what is so awesome about it? Well if I was asked to describe it, I would call it South Park meets Halo while trying to save the world. It is brilliant, a nice blend of comic relief, ‘intense’ gunfight and science fiction jargon. What’s there not to love? The characters are as lovable as they are dysfunctional.

So here is a little run through about Red vs Blue. Basically there are 2 factions of soldier fighting in a civil war, The Reds and The Blues as the title implied. The soldiers… well let’s just say they ain’t quality soldier material, ranging from cowardly to just plain retarded, you name it they have it. But what makes them so endearing is their extremely dramatized personalities and how they interact with each other while trying to kill each other and save the world all while stumbling into a conspiracy that would shatter their world.

It is funny as hell so go watch it! http://redvsblue.com/archive/?sid=rvb&season=1

The MMO Tsunami

Staring at the sunrise, I realized that this might be the last sunrise I will see for ages. Something is coming, I can feel it. The ground trembles as MMOs upon MMOs sweep across the world subsuming it with geekdom.  Stock your larder, buy a comfy chair, get the your energy bars and your trusty computer. We stand at the threshold of an age, an age of MMOs.

Jokes, aside. A pantheon of awesome looking MMOs are coming our way. From this 2010-2012, we will get a line up of new and totally sweet MMOs. So brace yourself, initiating jump drives!


Black Prophecy AUGUST 2010—

Gameplay Trailer


Jumpgate Evolution SEPTEMBER 2010—

Gameplay Trailer


Battlestar Galactica OCTOBER 2010


LEGO Universe 26th OCTOBER 2010

Gameplay Trailer


World of Warcraft: Cataclysm —NOVEMBER 2010


DC Universe Online —NOVEMBER 2010

Gameplay Trailer


The Secret World DECEMBER 2010


Blade and Soul 2011


Star Wars: The Old Republic 2011

Gameplay Trailer


Guild Wars 2 — 2011

Gameplay Trailer


Dungeon Keeper Online2011


Dark Millennium 2012

Mercy for the Weak

The taste of hot metal was all I think about… I sputtered something but I choked…

The smell of ash and… something burning? Smells like meat… Charred meat…. Oh god… no…

The darkness was suffocating, I tried to move my arm but it hurts so much… It is like the world was pressing on me…

The sound of crunching rocks? I hear heavy footsteps and garbled voices…

Oh god oh god oh god… I can hear roar of large-bore weapons and the clink of expanded shells contacting the rock… They are so close… so close…

I cannot forget the sounds. The sounds of flesh popping with a muted explosion… The sickly wet explosion… What terrifies me most was my rampant imagination… My friends are dying over and over again in hails of explosive bullets. Their bodies torn asunder by mass reactive shells as it penetrates their skin and explodes inside…

Oh god please save me…

The sound of digging roused me from my torpor… I’m too weak to even cry for help… How long has it been? Days? Weeks? I don’t know anything anymore…

They found me! My friends! I did not know them but they were friends… They wore the same uniform… bore the same scars… They were my friends…

Two days since I was dug out of the collapsed bunker. They fed and clothed me, I was pushed once more into active service… I had a chance to look at my home… what was my home… Ashes, everything was ash… tangled metal jutted out from the ground. The only reminder that there was once a home there, once a life. The ground was craters and glass… ash and ruin… That is all there is left ash and ruin…

Forth day since my rescue, we were dug in and ready for a fight… and then they were there… terrible monsters they were… taller than a man and as large as two men side to side… Their midnight black armor glittered with gore… Their terrible pair of emerald eyes see everything. Scanning for perceived threats…

From their grilled mouth orders were given, their guns were raised… Some held macabre instruments of death… Swords made of whirling teeth… they were as loud as they were brutal. Cutting through flesh and bone as rows upon rows of razors eat into you… Others had fist the size of heads and it was wreathed in lightning… what manner of demons are they to command such powers…

They advanced, and we respond… we fired out weapons… out slugs bounced off their skin of metal as they advanced… they were relentless… they are unstoppable… we are doomed… our world is doomed…

They are upon us… I’m hid amongst the bodies of my comrades… I don’t want to die… Oh god please I don’t want to die…

I can hear their whirling blades of teeth and muted explosions… I dared open my eyes and the horror I saw… Man died in the scores as this… this ornate monster descended from the sky… A golden eagle emblazoned upon its chest and it wore the mask of death itself, it wore the skull of man…

There was another… he wielded a blade that cackled with lightning and with each swing, limbs and weapons flew. The flesh was butter and his blade a heated knife…

Over sized fists blew holes through man while flame throwers scorched the earth of survivors… i don’t want to drive…

Sergent! We have a survivor

A gauntleted fist grabbed me by my arm and wrenched me from the bodies.

Hiding with the bodies, it disgust me.

Stay your hand Battle Brother, I shall inspect this one myself

Do you understand me, nativee?”

Yes… Who are you? What are you?

I am the Emperor’s angels of death and I am here to meet out his judgment

Why! Who is this emperor? Why? WHY? We have done nothing! NOTHING!

Your lords have rejected the light of the Emperor, you are collateral, I am sorry

You are monsters! Clad in your ebony skin your wage war upon a world who wish nothing of you but to be left alone!

Monster? Perhaps we are… But we are all that stands between the darkness that would consume humanity and if humanity cannot stand united under the Emperor’s guidance then we are destined for extinction

We are already dead! Look around you! My world is gone, we are already extinct…

Moisture streaked down my cheeks as it sunk in, my people, my family, my sons… They were no more. And in the Angle of Death’s emerald eyes I saw myself. Two streaks of skin, exposed by my tears against dried blood and soot… My face was a mask of serenity, never had I seen such dignity and poise. And it was then I understood…

I shame myself by hiding. But I’ll hide no more! You come to our world and burn it but know this! We will not be so easily quashed our spirits are eternal! You may smash our monuments and grind our bones but we will forever defy you! We are humanity! Proud and free of oppressors!! We will not bow down to anyone!

I am… Surprised… Such fire… Such spirit… Such naivety. If only your world would have complied, we could make a battle brother out of you. But alas, to leave your world unchecked is to leave the door to corruption wide open

Before I am tossed into the pyre what are you really?

I am a Space Marine, human. Farewell, may the Emperor guard your soul

Pain lanced through my chest as I convulsed in pain. My senses dimmed and my strength left me… The cackling of energy was all that is left as war wages on.

There is only war. And war, war never changes… But the spirit endures…

The spirit endures…