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Red vs Blue

Lets talk about Machinima for a moment. Machinima, simply put, is  a video/movie created through real-time rendering engines aka game engines in most cases. So we’ve laid down this common understanding, now lets move to one of the most celebrated and ingenious Machinima ever. Red vs Blue or RvB.

So what is so awesome about it? Well if I was asked to describe it, I would call it South Park meets Halo while trying to save the world. It is brilliant, a nice blend of comic relief, ‘intense’ gunfight and science fiction jargon. What’s there not to love? The characters are as lovable as they are dysfunctional.

So here is a little run through about Red vs Blue. Basically there are 2 factions of soldier fighting in a civil war, The Reds and The Blues as the title implied. The soldiers… well let’s just say they ain’t quality soldier material, ranging from cowardly to just plain retarded, you name it they have it. But what makes them so endearing is their extremely dramatized personalities and how they interact with each other while trying to kill each other and save the world all while stumbling into a conspiracy that would shatter their world.

It is funny as hell so go watch it! http://redvsblue.com/archive/?sid=rvb&season=1


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