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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

After a solid 15 hours of play *Actually it was split between 2 days, 10 and 5 hours respectively* I’ve finally completed the single player campaign. There are 26  missions in all, averaging between 30-45mins per mission.

So lets go into the gameplay itself. Honestly, Blizzard did not reinvent the wheel. If you have played Starcraft, you have played Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 is just a graphically tuned up Starcraft in terms of gameplay and mechanics. The thing different about the singlelayer is well… the sense of choice you have now. In between missions, you can jump between 4 location on your flagship/base of operations. The Hyperion.

This is the Hyperion's Bridge. You get to choose your missions here.

Each location has a different function, the Bridge acts like a mission selector. As you progress through the game multiple new missions will appear. Each mission unlocks new units and some units are only exclusive to singleplayer. As you complete missions, you earn Credits as well *Sci-fi Cash* to spend on unit upgrades.

This is the Armoury. It allows you to purchase upgrades for your units that carry over all missions.

Then there is the Laboratory, most mission will give you access to either Protross/Zerg research points, this are used to upgrades existing buildings and even give you access to new units and abilities.

The Lab, you get to do research here

Of course last but not least, the Cantina. *cues Star Wars Cantina tune*. This location is mostly an information centre. Jim Raynor will go around talking to people here and watch the UNN news broadcast which gives you a humorous summary of you previous missions and how it affects the Starcraft continuity. The cool thing here is there is a night elf in bikini dancing in the background and even an old arcade Shooter. Which you can actually play by the way.

The Cantina. Your information brought to you in bitesize chunks

So, the gameplay was meh, but the presentation is really good and it works awesome with the story. The characters are quite well fleshed out and a joy to watch as their banter. The main storyline is rather clique as in really clique, you can consider Wings of Liberty a subplot, it is a good subplot but the overhanging main plot is really clique as you will find out as you go through the mission. I guess we have to wait for Heart of the Swarm and the Legacy of The Void campaign.

The overall feeling for Starcraft 2, kinda meh honestly. But it is a tried and true game and it works, and people love it. But innovation well, I guess Blizzard wanted Starcraft to be Starcraft cause honestly C&C4 was crap and it tried to ‘be innovative’. We might complain how things are unchanged but hey, we love old school. Points to nostalgia.

Here are the scores

Graphics: 8 (I gave it such a high score mainly due to the awesome cutscenes)

Gameplay: 8 *The mechanics remains unchanged but people love it. What I really liked was the how they did Singleplayer*

Story: 8 *Interesting but “Fallen One”? Seriously?*

Overall: 8


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  1. Priferman

    Nice Blog and Nice Review.

    Greetings from Spain.

    July 31, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    • Haha, thanks.

      August 1, 2010 at 10:42 AM

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