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Leaving on a Jet Plane

In, a few hours time from this very moment, I will be leaving for Australia. Even as you read this I might already be midway across the vast span of water, separating nations. Nations that at one time, all belonged to the super continent Pangea. Ever the eager teacher I am, always spewing random facts about the world.

I’m afraid. People laugh at me and call me paranoid. My trip will be fine they say, just get me a souvenir they say. But I dread this day like nothing you can imagine. I do not fear this little trip, heck, I’m not even afraid of my mortality. What really chills me is the things I have left undone. Words that have been left unsaid and people I might not be able to see again.

Does this count as a fear of death? Maybe, when you have things to loose they tend to haunt you evermore don’t they. Stop being silly they say. Silly? Hardly, I’m just prepared for an eventuality be it that the reaper comes for me early or late. But there are so many things I have yet to do…

Everyone lives to die. To borrow a page from Heidegger, it is not death that bothers us but rather the process, the dying. It is in this that we live a life that is worth dying, to live the best to one’s ability despite the bleak eventuality, morbid perhaps, grim even? I find it beautiful. Call me a fool, but a fool is the one that sees the most does he not?

As I contemplate life and death, introspection always jumps you. I recently had a row with one of my really close friend. It remains unresolved I’m afraid… I hate to have to leave the country like this… Not even a goodbye or farewell… Well I guess it is my fault…

Regardless, I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Well actually I do, lets disperse this sombre and rather forbidding atmosphere. I’ll be back on the 18th of October and if you have not already guessed, my computer is up and running again, after a 3 week hiatus. Guess I’ll be taking another long hiatus again unfortunately. Rest assured when I come back, if I come back there will loads more of posts about everything and nothing at all, for such is life.

Have a good day people. Live long and prosper!


Superheroes – all ye olde theme

Brought to you by Nostalgia


Spiderman 60’s

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Fantastic Four

X-Men 90’s

X-Men: Evolution

Captain America 60’s

The Incredible Hulk 60’s

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Superman the Movie

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The Flash

Teen Titans

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Justice League Unlimited

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Batman the Movie 1989

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond

Chloë Moretz – Emily Strange the Movie??

Who is Chloë Moretz? Well, I pity the fool who ask this question for she is one Kick-Ass kid! I mean literally, she was Hit-Girl in the pseudo superhero movie Kick-Ass. Which was frakking awesome by the way.

Well, the talented Chloë Moretz is now taking on the role of Emily in the self titled movie. The movie itself is still in development and not much has been heard about it yet. For those of you unaware of Emily the Strange, let me give a brief run thorough of the history of Emily.

Created in the early 1990’s, this young lady appeared on Tee-Shirts and stickers toting philosophy and making cultural pot shots during that era.  As her influence grew, so did her story. In 2006, Dark Horse published a multi volume graphic novel, Emily the Strange. Of course more information can be gleaned from the empyrean eddies of the world warp web.

Honestly, I have never bought into this whole Emily Strange cultural phenomena. Well that is probably due to the fact that I am a dude, I mean I’ve seen Emily Strange stuff and to me they are usually just female shirts, bags and stuff. Having only recently discovered the existence of Emily from my monthly foray into the local bookstore I honestly admit I have no idea what Emily is all about. Other then the obvious counterculture she represents. So for the movie, not sure how that will work out, but Chloë Moretz is definitely an actress to look out for. Looking forward to it? Yea, why not.

Dead in the Water… Kinda like Irwin

Hey loyal readers! Who am I kidding… The fact that I’ve not posted squat for almost 3 weeks aint helping my viewership. Not that it’s a fault of my own, unless you consider frying out your computer by trying to play starcraft 2 on an asthetically pleasing setting i.e ultra…

So yes, I’m not dead… yet. Just my com. Well, I might be dead coming 27th as I fly down under to partake in a hazing ritual known in my country as National Service. So yes conscript reporting!

The fact is… I’m dreading the coming trip. I want to come back alive and it is not entirely safe down there. I mean kangaroos can pawn your sorry ass and not mentioning the multitude of poisonous/lethal flora and fauna out there. Crikey! That’s a big… UGH…

Well if I come back alive, well I might be off for a few other overseas exercise. Less dangerous me thinks… me hopes… Anyhow, blogging on borrowed time. *Poof*