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Dead in the Water… Kinda like Irwin

Hey loyal readers! Who am I kidding… The fact that I’ve not posted squat for almost 3 weeks aint helping my viewership. Not that it’s a fault of my own, unless you consider frying out your computer by trying to play starcraft 2 on an asthetically pleasing setting i.e ultra…

So yes, I’m not dead… yet. Just my com. Well, I might be dead coming 27th as I fly down under to partake in a hazing ritual known in my country as National Service. So yes conscript reporting!

The fact is… I’m dreading the coming trip. I want to come back alive and it is not entirely safe down there. I mean kangaroos can pawn your sorry ass and not mentioning the multitude of poisonous/lethal flora and fauna out there. Crikey! That’s a big… UGH…

Well if I come back alive, well I might be off for a few other overseas exercise. Less dangerous me thinks… me hopes… Anyhow, blogging on borrowed time. *Poof*


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