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Mass Effect: Retribution

Yes, folks! I am back from my 3 week hiatus down in… well down under. Spent a good 2 weeks and then some, out in the field doing mandatory military training.  But now it is all over! Just waiting for the home stretch before I leave active service and rejoin the civilian populace and hopefully land a job overseas.

Anyhow, to kick things off, I’ve been reading Mass Effect: Retribution. The story takes place roughly between Commander Shepard’s first foray into the Collector ship and the end of Mass Effect 2.  The book makes multiple reference to Mass Effect: Revelations and Mass Effect: Ascension which preludes the original Mass Effect 1.

Familiar cast like Aria T’Loak, Paul Grayson, Kahlee Sanders and David Anderson play an important role in the novel. Essentially, the Illusive Man has managed to obtain Reaper technology, thanks in part to the operations of Commander Shepard. For those who have read Ascension, you would know about the animosity between Grayson and the Illusive Man. It comes as no surprise when the Illusive Man has Grayson captured and injected with Reaper nanites to observe the effects of Reaper transmogrification.

All in all, it was a pretty solid read. It gives a whole new dimension to the Illusive Man, Aria and the insidious nature of Reaper indoctrination and transformation. The romantic implications of Kahlee and Anderson from Revelations has also finally gotten some closure. I would definetly recommend this book to all the Mass Effect fans out there.


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