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Dragon Age Animated Film

Yes, I am not shitting you. BioWare has signed a deal with the FUNimation to do an animated feature film for Dragon Age. I am seriously psyched about this development you can check out the article here. I used to be a pretty hardcore anime fan, toned down since but hell this is exciting news! Gotham Knight, AniMatrix, Halo: Legends they were good shit and I am praying this will be good too.


An anime version of a Krogan I spy!

With Mass Effect live-action movie in production and the animated film for Dragon Age coming up, life is good. BioWare, you are a marketing and branding god and I fucking love you guys for the games you make. I am so excited I can hardly keep still! BioWare, I thank you for making this 4 years of gaming so fucking awesome!

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