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Movies of 2011

2011 seems to be a promising year for all ye movie goers. Shit loads of epic movies coming up, and I don’t mean the Epic Movie movie. So let’s have a look-see at what has got me all excited.

First up, who wouldn’t like hot chics, machine guns, katanas, dragons, samurai robots and B-25s. What am I talking about.

BAM! Sucker Punch.

The only way I can describe this movie is Alice in Wonderland meets 300. Incidentally the director of this movie is none other than Zack Zydner, the very dude who made 300 and Watchmen. Since I’m such an awesome person here is the trailer as well. Coming March 2011.

If you wish to find the larger version of the picture above. Click here

Next up we have the much awaited god of storm and thunder himself! THOR!

Thundering to you in April 2011

Another awesome movie to look out for in April 2011 is Your Highness. It is from the producers of Pineapple Express so expect this fantasy parody to be full of political incorrectness. Awesome.

Since we have Marvel Comics here, we must have DC comics as well. That’s right, I’m talking bout Green Lantern. Since I already posted the trailer up, I ain’t gonna really talk about it here. Coming June 2011

Last but not least, Captain America coming August 2011

2011, great year for my kind of entertainment.


Green Lantern Trailer

About god damn time if you ask me. So I spy with my eyes