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My Retribution

I know it has been awhile since I’ve written anything substantial. This is probably the part where I tell you how busy with some big project I’m working on and the whole elaborate details. The truth is, I’ve been loafing around playing King’s Bounty. Steam tells me I’ve spent an ungodly 84 hours on it and I’m only 3/4 to finishing it. I really should be doing something more constructive shouldn’t I?

Oh yes people, I just got my copy of Dawn of War II: Retribution, Collector’s Edition of course. Yes I know, I’ve manage to grab my copy 4 days earlier, I didn’t know that till I tried installing it on Steam though… Talk about Retribution, but hey watch out for my review/reviews.


Alexandra Sim-Wise, full of winz

I always had a thing for red heads and I must say, this red-head is just made of winz. Who am I talking about? Read the damn title for god’s sake!

Admittedly, Alex Sim-Wise had only came to my attention recently, thanks to the wonderful thing we call youtube. Did I mention she is kinda a gamer and a geek as well? No? Well she is! Double points! High Score! I mean with a name like Sim-Wise (Sam Wise anyone?), she has gotta be something else. Hilarious, bold, sexy and my personal favorite, British, Alex Sim-Wise, she has got it all!

You can enjoy more Alex goodness here.


Every day, I sit on the same train to work, I always find myself staring at the same old scenery, trees zipping by in a familiar blur and with each passing station; the world loses its color. Perhaps it is the loss of my childlike innocence or is it just my naivety crumbling away with each revelation. Growing up was never meant to be so bleak, when did I become so jaded? So cynical? Why has the world lost its color?

In a world so bleak, there is only one place I can escape to, the one place where the world still shines like a newly minted coin and everything just seems so much simpler. My mind.

Of course, to say that my mind is simple is far from the truth, if Christopher Nolan ever got to check out my brain, it would make Inception look like a sock puppet theater compared to what goes on inside.

So close your eyes and relax, let the veil of reality lift from your eyes and step through the mist into a world beyond.


I’m home

Those were my first thoughts.

Half-formed trees swayed on its own accord, buildings sprung up across the landscape as quickly as they were consumed by nature, destruction and creation, Ourburos, the serpent eating its tail.

Verdant pastures stretch out into infinity while the tingle of grass against the sole of my feet brought a smile to my lips. I tossed myself into the soft embrace of this emerald dream and laid there staring at the cotton candy sky.

Reaching out, I grabbed a plume of cloud and shaped it into a rose, with a yank, I brought it down from the heavens and I planted it next to me.

It was then that I noticed this curious little hole, it laid merely a few paces away from where I forcibly planted a white fluffy doppelganger of a rose.

Peering into the hole, I tried to discern its contents, the next thing I knew, I was on my butt nursing a bump on my head. A brown furry little freight train had decided to pop out of the hole at the very same instance I decided to put my head near it.

With a hand still on my head, I glared at the rabbit, who too was nursing its little head, except it wasn’t really a rabbit. It looked more like someone had decided to dress my dog up in a bunny suit and most disastrously believed it could pass off as a real rabbit.

A distant crack brought my attention to the distant horizon, the sky has darkened visibly and lightning snaked through the darkness like coruscating worms.

That is where dark thoughts lie

I turned and stared at the dog/rabbit.

You can talk?

Were you honestly expecting anything less in a world where you can pluck a cloud out of the sky?

Fair point

You better get going. They are coming” Inclining its head to the north, the dog/rabbit thing gestured me to head towards that direction.

A minute I was in a wide open pasture, the next I was standing before a forest clearing with a small pond in the middle. The specular reflection of the moon cast a ghostly light on the withered trees; it did little to sooth my unease. As I drew closer, I noticed a lady sitting by the pond, and she turned to me and beckoned.

She was breathtaking, piercing emerald eyes that could stop a man dead and locks of raven black hair spilling over her shoulder like a waterfall in midnight black. That was all I know, that was all I could remember, her face was a haze, a fleeting image, like a half-remembered dream. You could almost make out her features but you never could. All I knew were those pretty eyes.

Tell them of what you saw here…” She whispered into my soul. “Never forget…

Looking into the distance, she whispered one final time “They are here…



I sat back up in a start. I glanced around, enclosed within a 3x3m plastic divider, there I was, another cell in another monolithic corporate beast.

I looked down at my desk, a pool had formed where I had fallen asleep and a specular reflection of the moon stared back at me.

With a twist of my hip, I spun my chair around and greeted my slave driver with a cheery voice “Au Contraire! I’ve got a world to bring into reality!