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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty is the Blonde, Stocking is the Goth, Garterbelt is Father Afro and the Ginger with the proton pack is Brief

The first and normal reaction when you see a title like that is “What the fuck?”. At least that was my reaction, this is not an American Saturday morning cartoon if you are wondering. This is actually an Anime if you will believe it and a brilliant and smart one at that. I must admit I have not watched any Anime in a long long time. Use to be quite the fan but things happen. I do still read manga but I guess my taste in Japanese Animation has definitely shifted. But with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (PSG), I must say it has kinda rekindled my interest in Anime again.

Just watching the first few episodes and I’m already a convert. You are probably wondering what makes this Anime so special other then its obvious borrowing of the American cartoon art. I guess the first thing you should know is I love it when media makes references to other media and is not afraid to go all the way. It engages the audience and expects them to be knowledgeable in pop culture and I thoroughly enjoy spotting the references. So yes, despite PSG being an exclusively Japanese Anime it pays homage to western pop culture. A pop culture I am deeply involved in and that in itself is awesome already.


Yeas, obvious homage to Invader Zim. Well to appreciate the full brilliance of PSG one must first be able to take its explicit content. The main theme of the show is about this two sisters who are angels as well. Obviously they are named Panty and Stocking. So the deal is, they having to hunt Ghosts aka monsters of the week to get… COINS. I’m not shitting you, fucking Coins. Hilarious. Of course they have to collect the coins to get back to Heaven as they were kicked out for unsavory behavior. That is to say Panty the older sister is really loose, I mean really really loose.

So you can expect loads of sexual jokes, it is quite explicit in nature which makes it all the more awesome. Some might find it tasteless but the show doesn’t take itself too seriously so you shouldn’t either. in general, the show is extremely clever in its delivery of said sexual jokes. One of my favorites spoiler alert is the reenactment of the D-Day by sperms. Brilliant. The ending of that battle is equally hilarious but I’m not gonna spoil it. But as I said, it makes references to western pop culture in like every episode. Catfight Club, Pulp Addiction, Sex and the Daten City, High School Nudical and many more.Not to mention references to the Watchmen’s Rorschach himself and even go as far as to mention a PKE meter from Ghostbusters if you do not recall.

The art style is definitely refreshing from the usual Anime characters. You get a bastard child of Invader Zim and Powerpuff Girls with the content of South Park in a more explicit and more Japanese manner what is there not to like? Having said that, the artist has not forgotten their roots with scenes showing Panty or Stocking in their full Anime glory.

PSG is definitely in one of the best Animes I have seen in a long time. Hell I would even throw it in with my favorite American cartoon comedies like Family Guy and South Park. Fair warning though, this is not for the faint hearted. Oh and I almost forgot to mention this, they create actual models of their Ghosts and then pack it with explosives and blow it up. Reminds you of the good old Power Rangers and Ultraman doesn’t it.I love this show and I definitely think it is worth checking it out.