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Crysis 2 PC Review

I must say, Crysis 2 has come a long way since Crysis first came out back in 2008. The game is visually stunning and having tried the 3D capabilities at a EA roadshow not long ago, I’m much impressed, though I felt like throwing up after playing for a scant 30 mins. So what is new in Crysis 2?

Well for starters, Crytek has finally overhauled the nanosuit power activation system, remember the horrible power wheel? It is now replaced by specific hotkeys, Q for Maximum Armor Mode, E for Cloak, B for Visor Mode and Shift for Speed Mode. This makes the gameplay faster and way more enjoyable.

The nice thing about Crysis 2 is the fact that it has a coherent story and help fills the plot holes back in Crysis, the story is pretty much War of the World where the army could actually do something. Like Crysis, you can outfit your weapons with attachments, in addition to this, Crysis 2 also implemented purchasable upgrades to your Nanosuit. Stuff like increasing speed at lower energy cost, damage reduction, faster regeneration and improved cloaking mechanisms are all available, all you have to do is kill the aliens.

All in all, Crysis 2 is a marked improvement to Crysis in terms of gameplay, story and mechanics. Here are the scores

Graphics: 9

Story: 7

Gameplay : 7

Overall: 8


When Games go Minority Report

I have not slept for more than 24 hours now so I’ll make this post a quick one. If you remember *Which is highly doubt so* when I first started this blog, one of my first few post was about technology and how it can and is being integrate into games, as you can see here. Yes, I am talking about the touchscreen technology and gaming. I recently came across an article on Kotaku that was covering the same topic.

Took them awhile if you ask me. In all honesty, I am extremely excited at the possibilities it can bring to both the boardgame industry and the video game industry. But I’m kinda sad that in the end as this technology progresses, we will no longer have actual dice to toss, game pieces to move. The total assimilation of video game and reality is the ultimate goal of gaming immersion. Which leads me to the other article on Kotaku. Total immersion of games. Pretty interesting read.

Red vs Blue

Lets talk about Machinima for a moment. Machinima, simply put, is  a video/movie created through real-time rendering engines aka game engines in most cases. So we’ve laid down this common understanding, now lets move to one of the most celebrated and ingenious Machinima ever. Red vs Blue or RvB.

So what is so awesome about it? Well if I was asked to describe it, I would call it South Park meets Halo while trying to save the world. It is brilliant, a nice blend of comic relief, ‘intense’ gunfight and science fiction jargon. What’s there not to love? The characters are as lovable as they are dysfunctional.

So here is a little run through about Red vs Blue. Basically there are 2 factions of soldier fighting in a civil war, The Reds and The Blues as the title implied. The soldiers… well let’s just say they ain’t quality soldier material, ranging from cowardly to just plain retarded, you name it they have it. But what makes them so endearing is their extremely dramatized personalities and how they interact with each other while trying to kill each other and save the world all while stumbling into a conspiracy that would shatter their world.

It is funny as hell so go watch it! http://redvsblue.com/archive/?sid=rvb&season=1

The ZomCom strikes back…

It is alive! ALIVE!! Yes, my com died and came back to live. For god knows how many times. Yes, it has even come to a point where I affectionately call this shambling mound of metal and wires ZomCom an abbreviation of Zombie Computer. It groans and sputters as it seeks out more software to consume while its debilitated hardware slowly falls apart.

Really ZomCom is like Fido, once its inhibitor collar is off, it goes on a rampage and does not respond to my commands. Terrifying. Maybe it is time to get a new computer… A brand new shiny Macbook Pro prehaps? For hardcore work purposes… Or… A shiny new alienware gaming desktop? Gaming ahoy. Or maybe both?

Decisions decisions…

Ultramarines Movie

If you are not a 40k fan that you might not have heard, but the Warhammer 40k universe is getting a movie in the form of Ultramarines. There have been several attempts to make a 40k movie, namely the fan-made Inquisitorial based Damnatus. Ultramarines looks extremely promising and it is being produced by an actual film production firm Codex Pictures. Check out the teaser.

Identity Crysis?

Okay for those of you who have not heard, the much anitcipated sequel to CrysisCrysis 2 is coming out. The picture on top is not a Nanosuit concept art but rather a Vindicare Assassin from Warhammer 40k.

Looks familiar? Yea, that aside. Crysis 2 moves from jungle warfare to urban combat and it looks very promising. Take a look.

Are you bewitched by the Witcher too?

Are you? Well I sure am. For those of you who never heard/read/played The Witcher. The story follows a WitcherGeralt of Rivia. What is a Witcher? Well they are essentially monster hunters trained at a young age and imbued with supernatural powers in their fight against supernatural enemies.

The story is originally Polish but has, in recent years received a spate of translation and you should be able to find it at your local bookstores. The stories are actually really good and the plot is pretty intriguing. There is a kind of Polish polish you don’t see anywhere else. Polish polish, love how that rolls out the tongue.

So whats are the rave? The Witcher 2 that’s what. Check out the videos, need I say more?

Did I mention it is visually stunning, adult content, dark foreboding ambiance and an even darker storyline. I know, wonderful ain’t it.

To PS3 or not to PS3

That is the question. I have always been a PC gamer, partly because I’ve never had a console in my life and PC allows you to do plenty of other stuff. Ranging from work all the way down to less savory and much less mention activities. So yes, back to the real question. To PS3 or not to PS3? I find myself severely tempted by this two upcoming titles.

First up, Heavy Rain.

Secondly, Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

With games like this even a hardcore PC gamer like myself find my own will wanting. So yes I will probably get a PS3, eventually.

Future of Table-Top gaming today!

With the advent of technology it is only a matter of time before most physical application would require a mere touch or a word to operate. As they say, the games industry is usually the first to adopt new technology. As if to prove this, a team by the name of SurfaceScapes, at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University has created a nifty program for the Microsoft Surface which allows players to play Table-Top RPGs on the Microsoft Surface touch screen. The team used Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition as a proof of concept for their project and boy was it impressive.

Imagine the possibilities, not just for RPGs but for boardgames and even miniature wargames as well. Of course with the advent of such entertainment technology, companies who specialize in miniatures and boardgame publishing might find themselves in a rather dire position if they are unable to adapt.

Anyway check this video out and be the judge.