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Alexandra Sim-Wise, full of winz

I always had a thing for red heads and I must say, this red-head is just made of winz. Who am I talking about? Read the damn title for god’s sake!

Admittedly, Alex Sim-Wise had only came to my attention recently, thanks to the wonderful thing we call youtube. Did I mention she is kinda a gamer and a geek as well? No? Well she is! Double points! High Score! I mean with a name like Sim-Wise (Sam Wise anyone?), she has gotta be something else. Hilarious, bold, sexy and my personal favorite, British, Alex Sim-Wise, she has got it all!

You can enjoy more Alex goodness here.


Voices of the Future

Since my current obsession is Human Sarah Kerrigan, it is worthy to give due reverence to the voice that made the woman. Yes, I am speaking of the voice actress of Sarah Kerrigan, Tricia Helfer.

You might remember Tricia Helfer from the award-winning sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica, where she played the oh so sexy cylon*robot* chica , ‘Number Six‘. Already an immense pop culture icon, she went on to appear in Command & Conquer 3 as General Killian Qatar *Which is by far superior to C&C4. Which was crap*.  Looking good there too.

Of course, the most badass thing about Tricia Helfer was the fact that she was in Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is like only the most awesome sci-fi rpg around and Miss Helfer played an awesome and somewhat apt character, considering her role in Battlestar Galactica. EDI, otherwise known as Enhanced Defense Intelligence, an advance Artificial Intelligence on board the ship Normandy SR2.

And now, she is voicing my red-headed goddess of hawtness. Sarah Kerrigan. I know it is just a phase, but can’t you let a man dream?

Thank you Tricai Helfer for bring the fantasies of man, both fictional and non-fictional, through physically being there or through a digital analogue which does not look like you. I thank you.

Red vs Blue

Lets talk about Machinima for a moment. Machinima, simply put, is  a video/movie created through real-time rendering engines aka game engines in most cases. So we’ve laid down this common understanding, now lets move to one of the most celebrated and ingenious Machinima ever. Red vs Blue or RvB.

So what is so awesome about it? Well if I was asked to describe it, I would call it South Park meets Halo while trying to save the world. It is brilliant, a nice blend of comic relief, ‘intense’ gunfight and science fiction jargon. What’s there not to love? The characters are as lovable as they are dysfunctional.

So here is a little run through about Red vs Blue. Basically there are 2 factions of soldier fighting in a civil war, The Reds and The Blues as the title implied. The soldiers… well let’s just say they ain’t quality soldier material, ranging from cowardly to just plain retarded, you name it they have it. But what makes them so endearing is their extremely dramatized personalities and how they interact with each other while trying to kill each other and save the world all while stumbling into a conspiracy that would shatter their world.

It is funny as hell so go watch it! http://redvsblue.com/archive/?sid=rvb&season=1

Grammar Nazi

Stumbled upon this while surfing through the sea of information or as you might know it, the internet aka the world-wide web. Hilarious. I am quite the grammar Nazi at times. I hate to admit it but sometimes, even I am prone to making the occasional slip in the language, but for the most part I try to take stock on what I’m saying.

But I have to admit, I do get really annoyed when people epic phail at grammar. I’m not really policing the language or anything but have a heart, pity me, please try to speak properly. On a side note some hilarious videos on Grammar Nazis. Those of you who are not movie buffs might not understand Collegehumor’s Grammar Nazi beyonds it’s play with the Nazi party. But as some of you might have realized… or not, Grammar Nazi is actually a spoof on the movie Inglorious Bastards.

On a totally unrelated note. All Chinese knows kung-fu and this only proves it. Sith Inquisitor gets his ass handed to him by The Last Airbender.

Craig Ferguson’s Robot Skeleton Sidekick

The impossible has been done and history has been made, the first ever robot skeleton sidekick for late night show host Craig Ferguson is complete!! Witness the brilliance of Grant Imahara! Behold. Join the Robot Skeleton Army, be a follower. Tweet CraigyFerg

And a little bonus to all ye dudes out there. Kristen Bell. Damn she is so hot and cute, I so dig her.

Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now?

Coming across this video, it really struck a cord. A discordant cord but still a cord. The brutal honesty within this video is refreshing. Indeed who is gonna save my soul now? The already bleak world seems bleaker without you.

“Are you even listening?”


Rebecca Mayes?

Rebecca Mayes You ask? Who is she? Well let me enlighten you my friends. Rebecca Mayes writes video game reviews. What is so special about that? Well she does it as a song which she writes herself. Though she is not really a gamer, let alone a hardcore gamer, her works are creative and much inspired. In a way, she is like the uninitiated paying tribute to the art of video games both in design and aesthetics and that really makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Perhaps in the future, everything we do will be a game. Learning, working out, anything and everything. Wouldn’t that be fun?

For more Rebecca Mayes goodness go to The Escapist Website

The Big Bang Theory

As a self-professed gamer/geek/nerd this was a sitcom that really struck home. The show is about two Caltech geniuses/gamers/geeks/nerds  who befriends an attractive blonde who lives across the hall.

Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons is a theoretical physicist who is extremely socially awkward and lacks any understanding in irony, humility, sarcasm and humor. That being said, his character is what really makes the show awesome.

Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki is Sheldon’s roomate. Leonard is an experimental physicist who is the ‘normal’ one in the series. Of course normal compared to Sheldon.

Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco is the attractive blonde who lives next door. The sexual tension between Penny and Leonard is a driving force in the comedy as both of them struggle with their feeling and the rather mismatched personalities.

Pardon the rather rushed post as I only have 2 hours out of camp. Yes. Balls.

But regardless, The Big Bang Theory is definely a show to watch, even for all ye ‘normal’ people. It is worth watching just for the outrageous things Sheldon does, and for all my geeky compatriots the [Insert Sci-fi/Pop Culture] references is a nice touch.

The horribleness of Doctor Horrible

For those who are unaware, Dr. Horrible is an internet distributed mini-series. It was produced in 2008 in the midst of the Writer’s strike in the U.S and A. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a wonderful musical tragicomedy about Dr.Horrible an aspiring supervillain, his nemesis Captain Hammer and their mutual love interest Penny.

Dr. Horrible is played by none other then the amazing Neil Patrick Harris. For the clueless, Harris played Carl Jenkins in Starship Troopers (The psychic best friend) as well as the lesser known role of the Music Meister in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I have to say Harris has a beautiful voice.

Penny is played by Felicia Day, aka Codex from the webisode The Guild. I must say, she has a pretty good voice herself. So without further ado, let us enjoy this wonderful piece of online entertainment.