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Dramatis Personae


Elydis is the owner of this piece of blogsphere and he rules it with an iron fist. None has dared to challenged his dominance, his command of poetry and his insights upon the gaming and human cognition is rivaled by few. But as with the rise of the moon and the ebbing of the tides, so too does his power over his domain wane. Now, our hero finds his blog invaded by a strange insectoid creature of alien nature. It does not speak, nor does it write… It simply sits and stare at our dashing protagonist. But our strapping gentleman knows there is something far more sinister with this silent sentinel, especially when all 4 of its ghastly eyes starts to glow….


The Collector Drone

The Silent Sentinel, it stares at you with its soulless eyes as shiver runs down your spine and goosebumps spread like wildfire over your entirety. This creature is called The Collector Drone by those who know of it… It has no emotions, no feelings, no intelligence and most importantly… No soul.  It is rumoured to have arrived from the galactic core via a galactic transport system known simply as the Omega 4 Relay. Nothing else is truly known of this creature, but rumors have it…. The Collector Drone…. hidden deep within its genetic codes lie a crucible of power, awaiting only the right trigger and the right person, or thing, to bring it blazing forth….



Harbinger. It is the true force behind The Collector Drone. With but an effort of will, Harbinger can take complete control of The Collector Drone. The none existent psyche of The Collector Drone is pushed aside as the hidden potential in The Collector Drone‘s body is brought to macabre light as tangible power tears through The Collector Drone‘s body. The Collector Drone‘s body is wreaked in unholy light as Harbinger assumes control of the form. Harbinger is the true force behind The Collector Drone invasion of the blogsphere and his posts are terrifying foretelling of future goods The Harbinger wishes to acquire… A collector’s due…. A Reaper‘s coming…



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