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Crysis 2 PC Review

I must say, Crysis 2 has come a long way since Crysis first came out back in 2008. The game is visually stunning and having tried the 3D capabilities at a EA roadshow not long ago, I’m much impressed, though I felt like throwing up after playing for a scant 30 mins. So what is new in Crysis 2?

Well for starters, Crytek has finally overhauled the nanosuit power activation system, remember the horrible power wheel? It is now replaced by specific hotkeys, Q for Maximum Armor Mode, E for Cloak, B for Visor Mode and Shift for Speed Mode. This makes the gameplay faster and way more enjoyable.

The nice thing about Crysis 2 is the fact that it has a coherent story and help fills the plot holes back in Crysis, the story is pretty much War of the World where the army could actually do something. Like Crysis, you can outfit your weapons with attachments, in addition to this, Crysis 2 also implemented purchasable upgrades to your Nanosuit. Stuff like increasing speed at lower energy cost, damage reduction, faster regeneration and improved cloaking mechanisms are all available, all you have to do is kill the aliens.

All in all, Crysis 2 is a marked improvement to Crysis in terms of gameplay, story and mechanics. Here are the scores

Graphics: 9

Story: 7

Gameplay : 7

Overall: 8